Month: April 2015

Introduction to Salesforce Live Agent


Companies are beginning to appreciate the significance of live agents as a means of promoting a good relationship with their customers. Cognisance of this factor, Salesforce has brought on board the live agent tool to ensure that customers can have access to their companies anytime they want to. It is one of the Salesforce tools that is having a huge impact in the Salesforce community.

The integration of the Salesforce live agent into the Salesforce community eliminates the pains that customers have to go through before they are able to speak to company agents during phone calls. It provides real-time interaction with company agents, and customers can share their pleas and grievances to agents as well as give timely feedback.

Salesforce live agent is vital for companies who have a small-size support team. Contrary to what pertains during phone calls where one agent can attend to only one customer, with the Salesforce live agent tool, one agent can interact effectively with several customers at a time.

This increases the efficiency of your sales team, even with the limited number of sales personnel. It also provides an alternative to companies whose phone support teams are struggling to keep up with the intense pressure, by diverting some of the customers to the Salesforce live agents.

The utilisation of the Salesforce live agent also helps to cut down your company’s cost. Companies who use the phone support system are charged an extra amount for each call placed. With the advent of the Salesforce live agent tool, this cost will become a thing of the past.

Salesforce Live Agent

Even though the charges appear to be minimal, it can build up to higher amounts with time. The only cost associated with the setup is the cost to the agents themselves. Salesforce live agent has some favourable features that are also worth mentioning.

It has a sneak peak feature where agents can actually see the comments made by customers before the messages are sent. This allows the agents to start attending to the comments of their customers before they even receive the messages.

Some customers become very furious when it takes a very long time for agents to react to their comments. The sneak peak feature prevents this as agents can respond to the customers’ comments within the shortest possible time.

Salesforce live agent tool also incorporates whisper messages into its system. The significance of the whisper messages is that superiors can interact with live agents without the customers realising it. In this way, superiors can give advice, encouragement and direct live agents in the discharge of their duties. Similarly, as a means of quality control, supervisors can also observe the messages produced by their customers.

Most sales teams use the auto-greeting feature of the Salesforce live agent tool to initiate a conversation with their customers. It ensures that all live chats starts with the same introductory message, and it is a means of branding your company.

You can also use auto-greeting to store expressions that are frequently used by your agents, to save them the time in rewriting those expressions over again.

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