Month: June 2015

What to Do When Your Staff Refuses to Blog

Continuous blogging can be very helpful to your content writing success, but one thing you have to realise is that it is not everybody that can write good blogs for you. When people are pressurised to write blogs or contents, it usually turns out to be shoddy work.

Most people think that the best way to improve upon your content writing is to have a pool of your staff actively contributing to your content writing. But the truth of the matter is that virtually all the business-oriented people who have tried this approach have complained that it did not help them out. When you coerce your staff to always write blogs, they will do it because it is their duty, devoid of any passion for writing, and hence you will not get the best out of those blogs.

You can decide to threaten your staff, encourage them by way of incentives or quotas, but if they are not dedicated to proper content writing, all these measures will be to no avail.

What to Do When Your Staff Refuses to Blog

Your staff strictly understands division of labor, as marketers would be concerned with the marketing strategies, and salespersons will also be marshaling forces to increase the sales. The bottom line is that they will all be interested in performing the basic tasks assigned to them, so letting them write blogs out of obligation will only promote bad work.

Even if your staff is not interested in writing contents, that does not mean you should cut them off entirely and work everything on your own. Try to seek the ideas and knowledge of your staff and channel them into interesting contents.

This can be done by soliciting the views of the various sections and departments of your enterprise and putting them together to form a very formidable piece of work. When a group contributes to a content, it becomes more productive because of the diversified nature of the contents.

Do not feel so proud to seek outside help in your content writing. You can hire the services of seasoned content writers who can easily convert thoughts and ideas into writing. It is true that this would come at a cost, but if you were to employ the services of an editor to make the contents of your staff presentable, the money, time and energy that will be spent greatly outweigh the cost of employing the services of an outside writer.

Furthermore, try to make your staff the citadel of your knowledge base. The fact that your staff has no interest in writing does not mean they cannot be helpful in other areas.

They might have the skills for answering questions from customers, or maybe conducting interviews, so you have to tap into these in-built qualities and channel these into putting up the best contents.

The ability to know the specialties of your staff will go a long way to fast-track the content creation process, because you will know where exactly to place each individual so that you can get the best results. Focus on those key points of your staff.

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