Month: November 2015

Customising Salesforce for Fund Managers


Salesforce has diverse areas of applications, and typical among them is its application in fund raising and associated activities. It can therefore be a priceless tool for fund managers who wish to rationalise the fund raising process, efficiently control their portfolios and increase their competitive edge over their competitors.
The utmost decision to use salesforce by fund managers is a very complicated one, and so several factors have to come to play before making that final decision.
The most recurrent problem that fund managers often seem to have with the use of salesforce cloud solutions is that they more often than not overpay their licences, and this appears to be the major impediment towards the use of the salesforce out-of-the-box software. The salesforce software is designed for businesses that have systems in place with regards to customer and sales workflow.
So despite the fact that salesforce is highly regarded as being flexible, the use of salesforce out-of-the-box software makes users put away the sales and support systems they have paid for and start everything all over again through the use of custom objects.
sales foreceIn order to save money as far as the cost of licensing is concerned, if a client wants to use salesforce on their own volition, it is appropriate to make use of the platform licenses instead of using the licences for the support cloud. This is so because platform licenses are less expensive and do not contain the functionalities that support and sales cloud licences contain, which by the way are not utilised by fund managers. The salesforce private equity/venture capital template is available for fund managers who want to leave a mark in the industry.
This template is better off than the salesforce out-of-the-box, but the demerits of it is that it is not a product that has the capacity to grow or evolve.

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