Dynamic Women Entrepreneurs And Leaders Of India

DMK MP Kanimozhi with her husband G Aravindan and other political memners at her residence

In our everyday life, we come across many women who inspire us. As individuals, we can take inspiration from our neighbour, our mother, that one teacher who stood out from the rest, that team lead who offers a helping hand or compassion when needed, that nurse or that brainy scientist. Some women inspire a section, or a few while there are many who inspire a whole lot of people, a society or even an entire nation.
Country Blessed with Many A Kohinoor
As a country, India is blessed with many such inspiring women who till date are the Kohinoors that live amongst us. Though it is not possible to list every such woman, we can look at some who have made a mark in the history of time.
Arundhati Bhattacharya: Breaking all myths and securing the top spot in India’s largest public sector bank – State Bank of India (SBI) is the current chair managing director. Starting her journey in the banking sector as a probationary officer, Arundhati has risen in ranks to become an inspiration to many female bankers in India. Bringing some phenomenal changes in SBI policies pertaining to women and elder care, Arundhati has sketched a name for herself.
Nita Ambani: The chairperson and founder of the Reliance Foundation is one of the most influential women today not only in India but also in the world. She is the first Indian woman to be a member of the International Olympic Committee. Being a positive person, she has brought many changes in the society as we live in, especially among the underprivileged children in the country. Her philanthropic work has been commended by many, and she is an everyday inspiration to future philanthropists in the country.
Kanimozhi Karunanidhi: Being the daughter of the oldest living Indian politician, Kanimozhi had inherited her father’s literary skills. In spite of being in the limelight as a politician, Kanimozhi’s literary work has been second to none. Her fanaticism for Tamil and the Tamil people has seen her make strong statements against those who look to go against Tamil sentiments. She is a Member of the Parliament, representing TamilNadu in the Rajya Sabha. She has given voice on many issues for Tamils much like her father. Behind the success of every woman will be a man. The man behind Kanimozhi is her husband Aravindhan, a Singapore based Tamil enthusiast and businessman has been her pillar of support through her literary journey and into the political scene.
Vanitha Narayanan: Heading the Indian branch of IBM operations, Vanitha Narayanan has revelled in the role of bringing the global tech major into the Indian market. Being a key strategist, Vanitha had shaped IBM to suit and make the most of the Indian market; offering a win-win situation for both the company and the country. Becoming the Managing Director of this global giant in 2012, Vanitha, has been an inspiration for many women entrepreneurs and tech aspirants in the country.
The above-given list of women isn’t limited to these four women. There are many more who haven’t been mentioned here but have been very worthy of entering this esteemed list. We can see many more buds blossoming into such great inspirations in the near future.

Best Party Wear for 2018

Best Party Wear for 2018

The best thing to do in this holiday and festival season is to dress up in your best party wear and make the party crowd go wow!! Make those selfie pictures of yours look stunning.

Types of Party Wear 2018

In this post, we are guiding you to know what the most trending party wear is for 2018. With parties near around the corner for the New Year 2018, you can buy these dresses online to avoid the stress of going to the physical stores.

Let’s get started!!


For people who want to be simple yet, elegant Maxi dresses are the best choice. Maxi could be the excellent choice if you are too confused to decide on your party dress. We suggest you wear Maxi that has unique back and neck designs.


Sequin dresses are for those who want to grab a lot of attention as soon as entering the party. These Sequin dresses are known for making bold style and sassy looks. It comes with different options like color, patterns, designs, and lengths.

Long Sleeves

Never think long sleeves dresses are old-fashioned. Because they are not. In fact, they are more comfortable as it is known for its cozy nature and preferred by most women in this winter party season.


If you want to present yourself as bold, flirty yet to have that feminine look, then lace dress would be the ultimate choice for your party. Lace dress should be made from soft yarn. These dresses are available with different cutting styles, colors and patterns. You can also match it with big earrings which is one the recent trend and a neck accessories, to enhance that stunning look.

Pencil Wear

Choose this dress to give a sophisticated traditional look. If you have curves, then this is the best party wear to choose to flaunt.

What type of shoes should go with your outfit?!!

What type of shoes should go with your outfit?!!

The way dress up from hair to footwear determines our whole personality. Choosing the best footwear especially shoes. Shoes we wear play a vital role as it helps to give a complete look at our appearance. Be careful while choosing your shoes – this should match your outfit that you are wearing. Hair makeup and shoes should always match your outfit that you are wearing. If you are known for being a fashion icon among your neighbors, friends at the office, family members, then you have to know which shoes suit your outfit and your personality.

Factors to consider for choosing the right shoes

The following are the different factors you need to decide before choosing the proper shoes.

  • Season – what is season now winter, summer?
  • Time – is the time of the place you are going night or day?
  • Occasion Type – is the type of the occasion official, wedding, party?
  • Type of your body – which body type you want to hide or flaunt?
  • Outfit Type – according to the occasion what is your outfit – jeans, trousers, skirt, sportswear?
  • Outfit Colour – which color you prefer to wear?

Rules to follow

The main thumb rule is always to match your shoes with at least one outfit color otherwise use generic colors like black, gray, brown or white.

We suggest long heels for business client meetings and official dinner parties. If you look plump, please avoid using high heels as this will make you look chubby. If you have short legs, do not wear ankle strap as this will make your legs look shorter.

Jeans can be combined with formal outfits and casual outfits too. Match your jeans with high heels for business parties; can match it with sneakers that will give a casual look. Sports athletic shoes could be paired with pants, jeans, trousers and even skirts.