Creative Interior Decoration Ideas That Are In Trend


Almost everybody at some or the other point of time in life has tried to rearrange the furniture in their room or homes, tried selecting colours for the walls and adding beauty to the space with articles like flower vases, paintings, wall hangings and indoor plants. Interior decoration items have become a choice article when it comes to giving an ideal gift on special occasions such as marriages and house warming. This is all part of interior decoration. Realizing the importance and aesthetic beauty that interior designing imparts, it has become a profession and largely successful business in itself. There are lots of sites like which gives information.

Homes and commercial spaces seek interior designing companies or designers to skillfully plan and execute in the given space and available budget, to make the area visually appealing and a statement of style and elegance. Commercial spaces have seen innovative changes in their office interior designs in recent times. The old desk, chair and cabinet style offices have been replaced by vogue interiors of bright colours, stylish furniture, ceilings, lighting, eco-friendly spaces and a lot more. Here I have taken a little inspiration from very informative websites of interior design companies like Clouds Interiors, Kyoob-ID, i29, Eastlake Studio and Space factor to name a few and discussed great office interior tips by innovative office interior designer working with these firms.

Know your client:
Knowing your client includes understanding how the organization functions and what are their needs. The needs of the space will vary depending upon the activities that take place there. For a space that requires teamwork, the conventional desk and chair are being replaced by more flexible set up of a longer continuous desk around which the team may be seated and take part in a creative and productive discussion. If your job is to decorate a home, you will need to know the preferences of the client. There will be certain colours, patterns and designs they will choose over the others.

When considering office interiors, the files and cabinets were earlier taken over by desktops and now by laptops and wifi connectivity which allows the employee for greater mobility. Provide quiet zones where the employee can sit in peace away from the noise of the common workplace and put his brain to productive work. A relaxed employee will be more efficient at achieving the targets.

Modern architecture can include roof top gardens. The interiors of the office itself, if it can afford the space, can make it lively with indoor plants and fresh flowers. Water fountains and fish take up space but have a soothing and refreshing effect on the interiors.

Glass walls and Windows:
These are ideal for transparency in the working space and efficiency. They are cheaper and a great method of saving precious space for being thinner than actual walls. They allow maximum natural light which is a great source of energy and positivity. Eventually, this will help save energy too. Glass walls and windows may be painted colourfully to make them livelier. These would be great to have in homes that have glass windows facing the east or the west.

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Makeshift Spaces:
Those with limited space can employ makeshift spaces, by avoiding a conference room in its entirety and having the meetings on the rooftop gardens or in other spaces with room enough for the number of people involved. Break rooms too can function as meeting places for reviews and discussions.

Fun zones:
One wouldn’t associate the word fun with work, but changes in trends have seen more celebrations in office spaces too. These can be areas as entertainment rooms or break rooms which allow the employees to relax and divert their minds to refresh with music, games or just socializing. These will also provide enough room for small celebrations like birthday parties and promotions.

Health Concerns:
Those who have to sit long hours at work are known to have troubled backs. They need to be provided with appropriate furniture and activities. Walls designed for rock climbing are a rare sight in offices, but nevertheless, have been applied. Employees are encouraged to take the stairs instead of the lift.

Pantry area:
If the office lacks in having a food zone or canteen, a pantry with a refrigerator, microwave and induction stove would provide means for employees to prepare their own food. It would be best to have at least a food kiosk so that employees spend lesser time concerned over food and more precious time at work instead.

One rule and one design cannot fit everybody. The needs of the office will vary according to the activities it is involved in. A well designed and creative interior is a great source of inspiration to employees and clients. Employees with a positive approach to the environment will stay longer with the company, thus reducing recruitment and training costs. Employees who are happy and content at work will prolific at their tasks too. A well-impressed client is more likely to revert back with a positive response.

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