Massage Therapy Etiquettes To Be Followed

mgm-grand-amenities-spa-stock-massage-woman-chair-rocks-horizontal-@2x.jpg.image.600.300.highThe benefits of massage therapy are wide known and spas and centres have sprung in all cities and potential locations. Massage centre in Chennai itself offers a wide range of services, options and techniques to choose from. Massages soothe body and soul and the number of people seeking massage therapy increases day by day. It gives a wonderful break from daily routine and also refreshes and rejuvenates the body and mind with renewed energy. As it relieves muscle tension it improves blood circulation, immune system, anxiety and stress relief along with improved sleep quality.

Massages that target specific areas do not get very awkward, but full body massage can feel a little awkward and uncomfortable in the beginning. you can check out the benefits of massage at

Here are a few tips from massage therapists in the best massage centre in Porur and across Chennai.

There is no awkwardness in undressing

This is probably the greatest concern of those who seek massage therapy. Massage therapists are trained for this kind of stuff. They are not mindful about your being modestly clothed. The therapist can work better if you are comfortable. Usually a professional will keep you covered with sheets or drapes and will not expose your private areas. Undergarments can get in the way of certain long strokes or while working on pressure points and inhibit you from the best massage experience. If you feel that undressing is an absolute no, then you can opt for Thai massage that allows you to be dressed in loose clothes. Even targeted massage therapy will not require the exposure of your entire body.

Shower before the massage

You sure don’t want to stink at the massage table. A long hot shower will help you relax before the massage session and being clean will give you more confidence at the massage table and reduce insecurities about your body. Shave your legs if you must, but know that massage therapists don’t really care about hair on your legs or cellulite for that matter. The massage therapist sure will appreciate working with a clean body.

Workout if you must, but before the massage

If you have a gym session scheduled on the same day as your massage, you would do well to make your massage appointment after the gym session for obvious reasons. Muscles will be warmed up enough after a workout and can be worked upon by massage. A gym session within the next 12 to 24 hours of massage is a bad idea because massage works deeply on muscles and sometimes is as strenuous as a workout itself. Give your muscles time to relax before the next workout.

Convey your preferences when you schedule

It would be best to convey your needs and massage style and preferences while scheduling an appointment. This will ensure that you are matched with the rightly trained therapist for your preferences.

Prepare your body

Keep your body hydrated and do not eat an hour before the massage session. Do not go on an empty stomach either because massage sessions are rigorous and can leave you feeling light headed. Drink water but do not drink too much, there is nothing as uncomfortable as wanting to pee in between the session. Massages tend to improve digestion and it is quite natural to hear your stomach rumbling during the session. There may even be instances of flatulence. There is no need to freak out. The therapist knows such things happen. If you are concerned about it avoid high-fiber the food before appointment and hit the bathroom before the session begins.

Wash your feet

Even if you walked in clean after a shower takes care to wash your feet clean just before the session begins. This will ensure that dirt and germs from your feet don’t spread to other parts of the body. Infected feet must first be treated before the massage to the prevent the unhygienic spread of infection.

Speak up

It might feel awkward to convey to your massage therapist what feels good and what does not, during the therapy. But it would be best to convey it and the therapists will know exactly what you want, and will be able to perform their job better. It really shouldn’t hurt much. Only muscles that are already tightened up may hurt but otherwise it is a completely relaxing experience. If you experience any pain during the procedure convey it to the therapist.

Don’t communicate too much

Quite contrary to asking you to speak up about your massage preferences, avoid any personal or intimate discussions. The massage therapist is not your shrink. They are only doing their job and are not interested in the intimate details of your life and your relationships. Just stay quiet and calmly enjoy the work on your body. check out howto relax during a massage at

Don’t call the massage therapist inappropriate names

The term masseuse is inappropriate and infuriating to professionally qualified massage therapists. Address them properly and without any sexual connotations. And most of all do not make any untowardly sexual gestures or favours.

Tip handsomely

If you avail the massage therapy at a massage centre in Chennai, you will get enhanced professional treatment .The massage therapist may be tipped ideally up to 20-25 % of the charge which is customary. A massage therapist at a spa gains only 30 to 40% of the total price of the massage and a tip will be greatly appreciated and even vouch for a better future session. If you do go to a private massage therapist, there is no need for tipping as they get to keep the entire massage fee. find out more at

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