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Pre-Wedding Bridal Grooming Tips

Pre-Wedding Bridal Grooming Tips

It takes months of preparation to make the special day more special. Everything must be considered and looked after, starting from decorations to invitation lists. But keeping these prime things aside, there are other things that a bride always has on her mind. She keeps thinking about self-care every blinking second, but that just stays in her mind. In all the chaos for her preparation, she postpones the most important routine – taking care of herself.

This article is dedicated to all the beautiful girls who work day and night to prepare for her big day amidst doing her regular chores. The following are a few of the pre-wedding bridal grooming tips that would save your beautiful look in the preparation chaos.

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Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing will do the job

CTM – Cleaning, Toning, and Moisturizing must be done on a regular basis. It does not matter how hectic your schedule is, make sure to take some time for CTM. It will keep your skin fresh and vibrant for this is what is most important on your wedding day. You are the star of the day, so don’t you think you deserve at least this routine care.

Take time for Facial and Hair Spa

Facials must be started at least six months before your wedding day. This is the only way you can present that dashing and glowing look. If you run short of time, then try facial at least once a week. Also, make sure to get a patch test before opting for a new product. You definitely would not like any reactions on your big day.

Your hair must also be given attention just like your facial care. Start at least 6 months before the date. If you are not a chemical fan, then there are so many home remedies for your hair that would do wonders.

Homemade treatments and Clinical sittings

If your face has its own design of marks, ensure you get it clinically treated. This too must be started 6 months prior to the date. Make sure you choose only the professionals because they will treat it right. Once your clinical sittings are done, start with the homemade packs.

Homemade packs are not considered effective. But in truth, they are the finest remedies pure from chemicals and will give you that extra glowy skin. Fruit facial works wonder for your skin. One can confidently try the homemade packs because there is not much harm or side effects in it.

Follow these simple tips and get ready to look stunning on your special day.

Best Bridal Grooming Tips

Best Bridal Grooming Tips

It is a dream for every bride to have a perfect vibrant and flawless skin on their special day. After all, your skin is what defines the whole beauty. But it gets marked because of the stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. Being busy with other wedding chores, you miss out on the most important part – to keep your skin healthy.

So how can one take care of their skin in a tightly packed schedule? Worry not, and read on below for we are here to present you with the best bridal grooming tips. The following tips are taken from the expert’s diary which is tried and tested to give a 100% positive result.

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Diet time starts right this second

If you really want perfect and glowing skin, then it is time to eat right. This is the best point to get you healthy skin and this is also the first thing that is postponed to tomorrow. Trust me, tomorrow has never come for any postponers. Watch what is in your plate, let the colors play in it. Replace the greasy items with colorful leafy vegetables combined with nuts and fruits. Cut down processed food, artificial sugar, alcohol, and fried food items.

But this doesn’t mean you starve yourself to death. You can get your cheat days once a week. But take note on cheat days or else, your week’s compromise will go down the drain.

Take care of your Snooze time

With all the shopping and wedding chaos, you miss out the precious nap time. It is time to take charge of your sleep. No matter what happens, don’t miss out on a solid 8 hours of sleeping time. You would not want to look like a zombie with dark huge black circles accompanied by tiredness and fatigue.

Take time to meditate, relax and sleep for you are fixing your inner glow right.

Precious as Water

This is the cheapest technique to get your skin glow healthy and bright. Why would you want to spend loads of money on chemicals when you got the nature’s cure absolutely free. Drink plenty of water and see your skin changes just in a matter of a few weeks. Keep your body hydrated from time to time and you will be amazed to see your BMS going down and at the same time gifting you with healthy skin.

Take care of your hands

Yes, you read it right. Your hand will be mostly noticed by your audience especially during your ring ceremony and Mehendi ceremony. Make sure to manicure it right and apply a cream to make it smooth, soft and beautiful.