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Return Wedding Gifts To Make Your Guests Feel Valued!

What if guests attending weddings could leave with something that could carry on for memories? That is the idea of returning wedding gifts. Although the concept sounds expensive, it in practicality need not be the same. Simple, handmade, custom gift choices exist and selection of these vary depending on the occasion and age group of the guests.

“Always leave people in a form much better than they were found in”. What better way to show gratitude for their attendance in your function than to give them a token of gratitude to carry back with.

What do you think

Depending on the majority of the invitees, the gifts may be narrowed down. It would be best to give back something that would be practical and thoughtful at the same time. Like, if there is a majority of moms visiting, return wedding gifts could range from kitchen utensils, tableware, kids’ skin care, all that would show how considerate you are at taking care of the guests who attended the function!

Return gifts would be an appreciated move, since this would happen out of the blue. Studies have shown that when people were given something totally unexpected, it resulted in the release of the happy hormones- endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.

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Many options to choose from

The mainstream market is not yet open to return wedding gifts, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting things done. Several vendors offer homemade jewelry boxes for the keeps, printed chocolate bars with pictures of the event hosts, wooden panels with an engraved thank you note, special t-shirts are few to start off! All of these when ordered in bulk should cost no more than adding another dessert counter at the buffet table. Beyond the physical forms of what a price tag brings, it is more about the intimacy that this investment that counts on. Making your guests feel valued is something that is priceless!

Further specifics

To go that extra mile, consider all the varied guests’ age groups and arrange wedding gifts to suit the majority. A three-in-one travel pack for kids is one of the popular choices. It comes with a shampoo and conditioner, a face and body wash, and a moisturiser with sunscreen in a neat ready-to-go travel pack! Another people’s favourite is the Minakari plate that would add ornament to your guests’ households.

Say “Thank You” With Return Wedding Gifts.

Weddings are the occasion of eternal togetherness, not only for the bride and groom but for everyone present there as well. As a token of gratitude, it would be best to give the guests a small memorabilia that stays with them! And with such thoughts have arisen a new tradition in the wedding culture scene in India, “Return Wedding Gifts”.

The time spent with the beloved couple, money spent in getting ready and energy spent in patiently getting there on time, all deserves an appreciative element. That would be possible through a return wedding gift. Something that would give them good memories of your special day!

Gifting The Gifters Back With A Gift For Their Gift!

Usually, guests do not expect anything in return for their presence at an auspicious occasion, but wouldn’t it be sweet to treat them to something surprising to take along and cherish forever? Like the other day, I visited a wedding function and while returning was gifted a beautiful keychain with the couple’s photo on one side and a thank you on the other side, how thoughtful is that! However long faced we are, there will be a reason to smile, when someone values you out of the blue. Although covertly existing, I kind of feel that return wedding gifts are ineluctable.

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How to select the most appropriate return gift?

Now choosing the suitable wedding gifts to give in return is a complex puzzle to solve. Yes, it is simple to just pick out something to give, but always best to give something that would mean a lot at the receiving end. Analyzing the age-group of the audience, what function is the case in point here, should help in narrowing down the mass of incoming guests.

Weddings, birthdays, housewarmings, anniversaries, baby showers, all have their own independent school of thoughts to thank guests. It may range from a simple thank you card to an inexpensive memento that could adorn their homes or be carried on them.

A few gift ideas to start thinking from

So here are some example return wedding gifts to build ideas on. A simple thank you card with the host’s photograph could be kept at their homes. A keychain that could be carried on them would serve purposeful as well. Whereas a special dinner set or rare china, or even a unique transferware could bring memories whenever they eat from it!