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Tips To Enhancing Beauty Before The Wedding Day!

A Candid Photography of a Beautiful Bride and Groom Laughing with each other on their wedding

One cannot deny that every bride wants to look her best on the D-day. And why not, it is the one day where every eye will be on you. You are the celeb of the event, and you should feel and look gorgeous. But with our daily lives filled with work and house chores, our beauty regimes do take a back seat. Worry not, we are here to help you get that healthy glow back.

While for every woman the goal for the wedding day might be different, there are some elementary beauty tips that need to be followed by everyone. Here are some pre-wedding and during-wedding treatments that every bride should indulge in!

Image Of A Bride Taken Face Makeup By a Professional Wedding Makeup Artist• Skincare work before the wedding!

At least two weeks prior to the final day, start a strict skincare regime of:

o Cleansing
o Toning
o Moisturising

Do this twice a day, every day for two weeks and by the time the wedding date arrives your skin will be fresh, free of blemishes and radiant. If you are applying makeup in the day, remove all of it before you follow the regime. This step is crucial to keep the skin free of bumps and pimples. For those women, who have never tried any skin care products or thinking of using a new one, do a patch test. You don’t want a blotchy or spotty face on the final day!

• Don’t forget the rest of the body!

The one error brides tend to make is to focus on the face and forget the rest of the body. Ladies, it is just as important. Our tip is to opt for body wraps and scrubs. A sugar and fruit scrub is an all-natural way to give the entire body a glow. A wrap, on the other hand, is perfect for decreasing cellulite and making the body appear slim. Body Massage at Spa Centre boosts blood circulation and works best for nourishment of the skin. It gives a relaxation to your mind and brings out the best glow on the D-day.

• Bridal makeup is indeed the key!Smiling South Indian Bride Waiting For Her Wedding

No matter how beautiful a person is naturally, makeup can enhance the effect. It is an appreciated fact. Therefore, pick your bridal makeup artist and hairstylist with utmost care. The best way to do so is to get a trial done about a month or so before the nuptials. It will give you a fair idea of how good the artist is and how well they match your vision of makeup. Also, research makeup styles and hairdos. Find the one that fits seamlessly on your face cut and skin tone. You want to look like yourself as much as possible.

• The details really do matter!

At the end of the day, the entire getup really pops when attention is paid to every little detail. Our last tip is to focus on your nails. It is common to get snaps of the wedding ring, so you want your hand to be drop-dead gorgeous. So, get a phenomenal bridal manicure a day or two before the wedding.

Best Party Wear for 2018

The best thing to do in this holiday and festival season is to dress up in your best party wear and make the party crowd go wow!! Make those selfie pictures of yours look stunning.

Types of Party Wear 2018

In this post, we are guiding you to know what the most trending party wear is for 2018. With parties near around the corner for the New Year 2018, you can buy these dresses online to avoid the stress of going to the physical stores.

Let’s get started!!


For people who want to be simple yet, elegant Maxi dresses are the best choice. Maxi could be the excellent choice if you are too confused to decide on your party dress. We suggest you wear Maxi that has unique back and neck designs.


Sequin dresses are for those who want to grab a lot of attention as soon as entering the party. These Sequin dresses are known for making bold style and sassy looks. It comes with different options like color, patterns, designs, and lengths.

Long Sleeves

Never think long sleeves dresses are old-fashioned. Because they are not. In fact, they are more comfortable as it is known for its cozy nature and preferred by most women in this winter party season.


If you want to present yourself as bold, flirty yet to have that feminine look, then lace dress would be the ultimate choice for your party. Lace dress should be made from soft yarn. These dresses are available with different cutting styles, colors and patterns. You can also match it with big earrings which is one the recent trend and a neck accessories, to enhance that stunning look.

Pencil Wear

Choose this dress to give a sophisticated traditional look. If you have curves, then this is the best party wear to choose to flaunt.