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Unique Wedding Traditions Around The World

Unique Wedding Traditions Around The World

Guests Throwing Rose Petals Over The Beautiful & Charming Bride And Groom At Wedding.

Wedding And The Slew Of Customs They Come With

Weddings are fun, enjoyable, tear-jerking, emotional and happy occasions. They are also full of customs and ceremonies. As many religions are there in the world, there is an equal number of traditions performed during a wedding. The astonishing part is that even brides and groom who have always been non-traditional happily participate in these rituals. After all, no one wants to tempt fate. So, it is better to start married life with all the good luck and vibes one can get.

Today, we discover some of the most unusual rituals that wedding parties follow around the world. From searching for fancy birds for sale to fly off after the wedding to sneaking away from the ceremony, these customs that will blow your mind.

A Bride & Groom At Their Wedding Ceremony Releasing Doves.

Funny Wedding Customs That Cultures Believe In Across The World

We begin with one custom that most people are aware of – wearing something new, old, borrowed and blue. This is an American ritual that has been followed by brides for decades, besides tossing the bridal bouquet to know which bridesmaid will get married next.

But if it is not just American brides that happily take part in wedding customs, almost every country has these. In Sweden, the guests give the bride or the groom a peck every single time their new spouse leaves the room where the celebration is held. While this may be a sweet custom, in Congo, the ritual is a bit perplexing. The bride and groom are not allowed to smile on the D-Day.

A Smiling Bride Getting Ready To Toss Her Flower Bouqet To Know Which Bridesmaid Will Get Married Next.

Can you imagine? On your own wedding day, you are forbidden from showing those pearly whites. Not too astounding? Then think of the Indian tradition, where some to-be-brides and grooms have to marry a tree before actually tying the knot with their partner!

Last but definitely not the least, in South Korea grooms have their feet whipped with friends and family. Talk about a painful ritual. Hopefully, the aches are worth it!

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Wedding Customs That Use Birds

All the customs mentioned above include only the couple (and a tree in the case of India). But there are some countries that make use of birds during the wedding.

  • One of the most beautiful wedding customs in the world is practised in the Philippines. After the bride and groom have tied the knot in front of their friends and family, they release two white doves. The pair, one female and male, is a representation of the newly married couple. The custom embodies a harmonious wedded life because the doves are a symbol of a loving and fruitful marriage.
  • If the Philippines has the most gorgeous wedding ritual, then Mongolia has the strangest and bloodiest. A newly engaged couple in the county has to kill a chicken and find a healthy liver. Until they butcher bird and find the liver, they continue doing the custom. It is after they have succeeded that they can set the wedding day and be wedded. FYI, the couple holds the knife together in this mystifying custom.

Bride And Groom Holding A Couple Of Dove In Their Hands - Representing The Symbol Of Love.

For all those animal lovers, who find these traditions jarring, here is a more humane one. In Korea, the mother in law of the bride throws ducks or geese at the bride. They are not real but carved with wood. The bride is meant to catch the duck.

Failure to do so means that the first child of the couple will be a girl. If the bride does get her hands on the duck, then the baby will be a boy. For Koreans, Mandarin ducks represent marriage as they mate for life. Hence, the ritual.

Check Out – There are many such customs, rituals and traditions that people follow to the T around the world. While the actual custom may differ, they have one common thread – love and eternity. By completing these traditions, the couples will have a lifetime of happiness with their soulmates. At least, that’s the theory. What happens in practice, why don’t you tell us!

Top Uncommon Indian Wedding Traditions

Different communities follow different cultures and customs

All the people have witnessed the wedding traditions of different countries on the internet or on the movies where a bride wears a white gown tossed up with a bouquet. The western culture is quite simple as we all have to digest the fact that every single community has different traditions to celebrate. None can be superior or no one can be inferior to others as all are unique and best.

One main point which differentiates the Indian wedding traditions from others is they follow the customs and rituals which date from a long history. Apart from the essential rituals, there are lots of concerns which make Indian weddings excellent stuff to experience. We have compiled some of the best Indian wedding traditions which might be rare to find on the internet. We will also overlook the traditions in detail and also reveal the facts for which they are celebrated.

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All about the MISRI and SANGEET party

We know that there are tons of rituals which occur during the three-day ecstasy of Indian wedding and hence some functions also have to be completed before the marriage day. MISRI or the rock sugar is provided by the groom’s parents to the bride a few weeks before marriage to ensure that she will bring the same sweetness in their life after marriage. Both the sides also exchange gold rings as a token of happiness.

On the other hand, the SANGEET party can be considered as a small dance competition between the young family members and friends of both bride and groom. SANGEET parties are often held along with the MEHNDI or the HENNA ceremony a day or two days before the marriage.

Amazing MEHNDI and the HALDI ceremony

The MEHNDI ceremony occurs one day before the marriage. The women from both the sides draw engaging patterns on the hands and legs of both bride and groom with henna. The designs of the MEHNDI and the colour signify the bond between the couple.

The HALDI ceremony is also performed a day or two days before the marriage when the kith and kin apply turmeric paste to the bodies of bride and groom. The same turmeric paste is used for both bride and groom.