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How To Be A Showstopper At Your BFFs Sangeet

How To Be A Showstopper At Your BFFs Sangeet

Beautiful Bridemaids Dancing In Wedding Sangeeth.

The Dazzling Sangeet

The big fat Indian weddings are a pompous affair filled with rituals, ceremonies and fun. The show of gaiety in clothing, accessories, food and fun is never ending. The planning starts months before. This is not just for the families, even the guest needs to plan for the event. The main question is what to wear. Sangeet is show of dazzling outfits. With so many trendy Sangeet outfit, it is a tough job to decide which one to wear.

This will be extremely tough if it is going to be your best friend’s Sangeet. You need to look on par with a bride or a notch higher. The style statement and fashion sense should be the best. When your best friend is marrying you will be the happiest person and this has to reflect in your personality. Your happiness will reflect on the bride and it will turn out to be one gala event that will be vividly etched in your memory.

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The Best Dressed Friend

It is a tough decision to make, but you need to be the best dressed in the event. It will reflect the fashion sense of yours and bride alike and there is no way you will dress down. Selection is challenging as there are a vivid range of stylish Sangeet outfits doing the round. Mix of trendy and traditional will add a lot of flavor to the outfit. Lehenga sets are more popular as Sangeet outfits. It is pretty, comfortable yet traditional.

Indo western attire like dhothi pants and sari pants are also equally popular. It can be paired in so many different ways with cape, kurta, peplum tops and jaali jacket. Jackets of any type suit all body types and age. Sharara and anarkali sets can also make bold statements. Or, choose a completely western gown that is embellished in traditional hues.

Sangeet Outfits – Dos And Don’ts

While you are required to look the best, you also need to be comfortable. Don’t sport a nude look for Sangeet. You need to accessorize and wear the best make up. Also, don’t go for dull or complete dark colors. Get your dress fitted appropriately. Take care of your shoes and other accessories. Match your bag with the attire. An embellished clutch will go well with any dazzling outfit. Make sure you don’t wear heels, try out flats and mojaris.

The Beginners Guide For The Perfect Sangeet Outfit

The Beginners Guide For The Perfect Sangeet Outfit

Multiple Images Of Indian Wedding Couples Dressed For Their Wedding Sangeeth.

The Massive Ceremony Called The Sangeet

Indian weddings are filled with rituals and ceremonies. There are a number of low key ceremonies before the big bash pre wedding party or the Sangeet. It is attended by the couple, their families and lots of invitees. It is night filled with fun. A night to enjoy the music and dance. A night where both families can bond before the wedding. It is not a simple affair. Sangeet needs so much planning. This includes the theme, dj, list of song and dance, food and of course clothing.

A night as pompous as this will require you to notch up your fashion sense. You need to make a statement and in style. For the perfect Sangeet outfit, there are so many options these days. Both trendy and traditional. You must take care of not just the outfit, but the accessories and shoes.

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Sangeet Outfits For The Female Guests – Dos And Don’ts

Women have so many a wide variety of options for a Sangeet outfit and accessories. There is no such strict rule, just that you need to bling in a lot of bling to grab the attention. You don’t have to look completely traditional or sophisticated. To look like a star, choose an outfit that has a lot of embellishments and vibrant hues. Pick up an outfit that goes along with the theme. Add zing to your jewellery and makeup to make stand apart from other female guests.

Don’t wear anything that is uncomfortable, be it the outfit or shoes. Avoid heels as you need to be on your feet the whole event and you don’t need a painful ankle or feet before the wedding. Wear comfortable mojris or flats.

Sangeet Outfits For The Male Guests – Dos And Don’ts

Whatever you wear, don’t be minimalistic. Flaunt your best style sense for the Sangeet ceremony. Men have a slew of trendy wear. They can select kurta, breeches, Nehru jackets and bandhgala. Don’t wear casual, don’t wear dull colors. Let your attire be filled with embellishments, intricate work and bright colours. You can think of beige, aqua, flaming red and orange. The outfit will have to be dazzling to make a bold statement. As you need to spend the whole might, you just need to ensure that you are comfortable moving around in your outfit without getting irritated with it.