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Simple Bridal Grooming Tips

Simple Bridal Grooming Tips

It does not matter as to how well and expensively you are dressed. Bad grooming will definitely bring your whole look down to zero. Good grooming is very important as it will make the person look and feel beautiful and confident. It can never be compromised especially on your wedding day where you will be noted right from your hair tip to toenail.

All the minute details are taken care of starting from dress to matching jewelry and to the matching shoes. But in all the hurry, brides forget the most important part – grooming it to their style.

So to make your wedding day special, the following are a few of the groom and bridal grooming tips.

Impress with classic haircut style

Every soul would wish to be trendy and fashionable. They would love to mark their style to their audience. But what they miss out is trends change but your wedding pictures will not. Looking at your special day pictures years after will secretly make you wish that you should have not opted for the trend. Therefore to remain ever classic, surprise your followers with the classic style as this style will never wear out. Seek professional advice and style according to your style and features.

A cut before the wedding week will do the job to make and feel good and beautiful. Follow your stylist’s advice and refrain from trying out new hairstyles.

Keep blemishes and acne away

No one can guarantee a perfect and flawless face, free from acne and blemishes. It also pops out only during special occasions. It sure can be covered with makeup but don’t you think it is best to keep it away? With the right diet, you can keep your skin healthy and clean. Acne also appears because of stress and nerves. Try staying calm and follow the skincare routine daily to get you the perfect glowing skin.

Ensure you start taking care of your skin months before your wedding as this procedure takes months to show its results. Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants like berries, salads, salmon, and walnuts.

Sparkle with your sparkly smile

Your wedding day is all about happiness, joy, and smiles. You sure would not stop yourself from smiling all day for it indeed is the best day of your life. Therefore, get ready to show your pearly white teeth. Start with whitening toothpaste months before the wedding so that you sparkle all through your wedding day and also your life thereafter.

Questions answered for Indian Bridal Makeup

Questions answered for Indian Bridal Makeup

Do you know the keyword that is highly searched on Google? It is Bridal Makeup. Well, it sure is very important because one is deciding the most important thing in your life’s special day. It is also the fact that even though your attire and jewelry plays the prime role, your makeup is the game-changer. Makeup can change the whole look to zero or it can present the best look.

Hence on your big day, you just cannot trust any ordinary person to apply your makeup. It demands experts and experienced professionals as you totally deserve it. Either you trust your skills and gut or find the right makeup artist who understands you, your style and also your face.

But there are many questions unanswered that make it difficult to choose the right artist. Therefore, to ease your stress, this article has come up with a few of the most common questions to decide the best bridal makeup.

What is the difference between wedding makeup and event makeup?

Wedding makeup marks your special day. It should complement your style, personality, unique and the most important part, your outfit must be complimented. This makes a lot of sense especially in the case of Indian bridal makeup. It must make you stand out from the crowd and must give you more coverage than the others.

Whereas on the other hand, in event makeup, light artwork will do the tricks. It must not be bold and must merge along with the event. It must make you yourself but with an added look.

What are the varied kinds of Indian bridal makeup?

The beauty of India is diversity. Every person has their own culture and tradition and that makes them stand out from the rest of the world. There is just no single type or base. It differs according to their roots, culture, and surroundings. For instance, Bengali Brides prefer to give more importance to the eye to make it look large, dark and wide, accompanied by beautiful forehead art in colors of red and white. On the other hand, South Indian brides prefer a minimalistic look while giving importance to hair beautified by flowers.

What is the biggest trend trending now?

The latest trend in the bridal makeup field is the monochromatic makeup merged with neutral tones. Peach tones and creams to make the skin look flawless. Limited art in eyes and lips making it look simple and elegant with no bold features anywhere in the face.

Every expert in the industry suggests that no matter what and how you play with makeup on regular days, ensure your wedding day makeup suits you perfectly and makes you feel comfortable and happy.