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Best Contemporary Blouse Designs For Your Bridal Lehenga

Best Contemporary Blouse Designs For Your Bridal Lehenga

Two Beautiful Brides Dressed In Lehanga With Contemporary Blouse Designs.

Are you a person who likes to explore a modern twist to the traditional bridal lehenga? Or, are you the one who is utterly bored of all the conventional wedding styles? Then you are not alone. Many Indian brides are ready to experiment with the western influence into the traditional, modern wear. Mainly inspired by the shirts or tops designs, the contemporary designs are not only giving the cool vibe but have also made the conventional wear very comfortable. Well, if you are still skeptical of our contemporary claims, watch out for these fresh bridal lehenga trends with a modern twist.

Best blouse designs

Well, it looks like you are all prepared. While you are completely for the idea of doing contemporary experiment with your blouse, ensure that it does not destroy the overall ethnicity of the traditional wear. Be careful that the design does not overwhelm the lehenga designs.Let us go through the latest blouse designs for your bridal lehenga

Top contemporary designs

Mesh detailed blouse

The use of the sheer mesh fabric can give an exciting look for your bridal lehenga. The stone-embellished silk and organza blouses are already the talk of the town. Not only is the design visually pleasing, but it also takes your bridal style to a different level. This particular blouse design is suitable for the roka ceremonies as well.
If you like to balance modernity with traditions, then this design is perfect for you.

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Caped blouses

This modern touch to the bridal lehenga trends could be very far from your traditional looks. Capes doubling up as a blouse are quite popular among celebrities as well. If your lehenga provides you with sheer fabric for blouse materials, it can go well with the design concept. So are you all ready with your cropped cape for your stylish lehenga?

La Moderne

This section covers all the modern blouse designs for your bridal lehenga trends. Take a cue from the everyday wear, and design out of the world style for your stylish lehenga. That can be a simple blouse with straps or a halter neck pattern. But do ensure that these designs never overwhelm the style of your lehenga. Halter necks are perfect for brides who are on the heavier side.

Bell sleeved

The sassy and ultra-stylish bell-sleeved designs are already trendy. Its foray into the world of bridal lehenga trends is a welcome twist. For a bolder look, go for a puffier look. Bell sleeved blouse with a deep plunging V-neck is a perfect combination for your bridal lehenga.

So, how about readying you in a traditional with a contemporary twist for D-Day? Take inspiration from the designs mentioned above and dress beautifully.

Top Four Traditional Blouse Designs For Your Special Day

Top Four Traditional Blouse Designs For Your Special Day

Multiple Images That Represents The Traditional Wedding Blouse Designs.

You thought your biggest wedding woe is selecting the nicest of wedding lehengas; then, you might be going for a shock because choosing the blouse design is even more tedious. Selecting the best from the multitude of options can be tiresome, but not impossible. A little attention on the fabric and your body type can do the trick. And for the options, this blog tours you through the four best blouse designs

Top blouse designs for your Bridal lehenga trends

The latest bridal lehenga trends are not only elegant in skirts, but the blouse materials and dupatta are fantastic too. So they deserve the best design. Select from the best option given below

Best blouse designs


V-neck pattern is the celebrity favourite and one of the hottest styles that never goes out of fashion. If the deep plunging neckline is making you uncomfortable, you can always keep the front neck a bit higher than the back. However, keeping either side symmetrical is the best option. The beauty of the blouse can be further accentuated by stitching sequin or raffia or attaching materials like frills and feathers or even doing hand embroidery.

V-neck neckline suits any body type. It will never fail you. Latest bridal lehengas trends have embroidered blouses available with the lehengas, so minimal ornamentation is enough for this particular neck type.

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Off-shoulder type

Off-shoulder neck designs that are popular with the modern tops and dresses have forayed into the bridal lehenga trends also. This design type is more suitable for brides who have a small to medium bust and have a slender or narrow shoulder. Accessorizing the entire wedding attire with a choker or huge earrings will give it an extraordinary beauty.

Classic keyhole-back blouse

This classic style is in visibility for several years. Be it any fabric or any body type, the perfect keyhole-back blouse is going to stay. How can anyone forget the ‘Hum aapke hain kaun’, blouse pattern of Madhuri.

Traditional U-neck with back open

Quite a popular style with the brides who desire minimalistic fashion. The design typically contains a simple u-neck with a simple knot in the back. The knot can be accessorized heavily. The design also invites multitudes of design options with embellished stonework. This can give a perfect look for both lehengas as well as sarees.

Bridal lehenga trends have taken the market with a storm. There are a plethora of models to select from. Hope the article helps you with deciding on the traditional yet trendy bridal blouses.