Inverter Batteries – The Surprising Saviours Of Wedding Celebrations

Multiple Images Of Wedding Celebrations Organised In A Single Image.

Multiple Images Of Wedding Celebrations Organised In A Single Image.

What Is A Inverter Battery?

Batteries are a collection of cells that allow the flow of electrons in a circuit. This flow provides power to devices and gadgets when there is an electricity cut. In other words, batteries are crucial for the smooth working appliances and electronic devices people use in day to day lives.

One common place where they find application is Exide inverter batteries. They are also utilised in cars and remote controls. Typically, a household makes use of four types of batteries:

  • Nickel Metal Hydride:

They are rechargeable batteries with a positive electrode similar to that of nickel-cadmium batteries. It is their negative electrode which is slightly different.

  • Nickel Cadmium:

Made of metallic cadmium and nickel oxide hydroxide, they are also rechargeable. These batteries tend to have a lower capacity after being partially recharged.

  • Lead Acid:

These are used in devices that cannot be moved because of their substantial size. From inverters to solar panels to cars, lead acid batteries are used everywhere.

  • Lithium Ion:

These batteries are found in mobile phones, tablets and laptops, i.e., all portable gadgets. They are currently the most popular form of rechargeable batteries.

Beautiful place made with wooden square and floral decorations for outside wedding ceremonies in wood.

What is an inverter?
An inverter is a state-of-the-art technology that converts DC electric energy into AC. Instead of using fuel, like in a generator, inverters use batteries to supply power. When a power cut occurs, the inverter automatically switches on and provides electricity to all the connected appliances by drawing the electrical energy stored in the battery.

How Do Inverter Batteries Save Weddings And Events?

Generally, when events like a wedding are hosted in open areas and lawns, they need a source of power. Most often, that source is a generator. Running a generator for hours comes with a number of hassles. One of which is the cost.

A 100 kva generator consumes in an hour about 24 litres of fuel when it is running on full load. In terms of money, it means you shell out about INR 1500 per hour. This is a conservative estimate. In reality, a wedding requires a more significant generator, which means more fuel consumption and more cost per hour. Multiply it with a minimum of 10 hours of celebration; the total becomes substantial.

Wedding Dining Area, arch decorated with composition flowers and greenery, candles in the banquet hall. Inverter batteries like Exide are much, much cheaper. Besides being a fraction of the cost, batteries are more effortless to operate. You don’t require a dedicated person throughout the wedding to keep an eye on it, unlike generators that need maintenance and care.

Another reason inverter batteries are a high power alternative for celebrations is pollution. When the air pollution in NCR crossed alarming levels, the authorities in Delhi banned all diesel generators to control the toxic smog. Considering the ban came in November and December, the peak wedding season this caused some panic in people.

The panic was uncalled for because inverters are a simple substitute to generators. High capacity batteries can easily power events and celebrations without the drawbacks that generators cause.

While running generators in a wedding release hazardous fumes that are harmful to the environment and those attending the function, inverters do not cause this trouble.

Inverter Batteries Are Great Solution To All Power Problems

Inverter batteries are not just unique answers to supplying continued power to weddings and events. They are also perfect solutions to the frequent power outages homes face these days. Every city in India struggles with these power cuts. Although the duration of these cuts is not very long, they are recurrent. Check Out – The power outage tips for your wedding.

Inverter batteries solve this woe without asking for a substantial investment. Moreover, they are easy to recharge, and if the inverter is equipped with solar panels, it doesn’t even cost to recharge them!

Lastly, inverter batteries require almost nil maintenance. Every few months, you only need to refill the distilled water and check the voltage periodically. Overall, if you keep a few tips in mind, inverters become the most straightforward remedy to all your electricity trouble.

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