The Stylish Sangeet Outfits For The Super Cool Groom

The Sangeet And Its Rituals

The Sangeet nights are filled fun and frolic. It is an important event that kick starts wedding festivities and rituals. Indian wedding is a celebration of the nuptials, along with several rituals, fun, food, clothing and frolic. Sangeet is an event filled with dance and music. There would be either a dj or the family and guests themselves sing and dance to bring about bonding between the two family. It is an event that goes well into the night exhausting everybody.

The Sangeet ceremony is were people love to experiment with their outfit and look. For the wedding, majority of people go for the traditional look while Sangeet outfits can be experimental. It can be a mix of tradition and western or indo western and contemporary. Any outfit that makes you look stylish and makes a bold statement can be the best choice.

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Sangeet Outfits For The Groom

If the brides are sassy, groom has to be suave. The brides have a vast option for the perfect outfit. It was not the same for the grooms until recently. A few years back it was only the sherwani and dhothis that did the rounds in a Sangeet or a wedding. It was completely traditional. Or, some times it would be the western suits. The trends are changing today. Thanks to the bevy of designers and garment brands like Manyavar. Suave are the grooms outfit and now they have wide range of choices.

The trending Sangeet outfits are breeches, kurtas with Nehru jacket or bandhgala jacket. The colors are vibrant compared to the dark colors used a few years back. Stylish dupatas also add a twist to the entire look. Indo western look is always in. They make bold style statement.

Tips For The Perfect Sangeet Experience

You are your best judge. You know your comfort zone and what makes you look handsome, the colours that suits your complexion. Because these are d days when you need to look handsome and leave a lasting impression. When it comes to sangeeth outfits, always give for something light. You need to feel comfortable as you sing and perform amidst so many people. Get a perfectly fitted outfit as you don’t want to wear something really tight that can pull the seams apart. Keep your best foot forward and get the chic, trendy look for Sangeet.

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