Top reasons behind the usage of jewellery on wedding

The beauty and shine is first of all

It is the dream of every bride to dress up like a queen and look attractive at their wedding. To look beautiful and engaging as queen jewels are must to be worn by a bride. People who have experienced an Indian wedding would have unquestionably come across some of the popular jewel pieces and what’s more interesting is, there is a reason behind every single jewel worn by the bride in India. One can also find here some of the latest wedding jewellery trends of 2020. All the brides to be must read this article to know about the newest jewellery trend which can help them during the purchase.

For example, we will wear the NATH or nose ring, which is only worn by the Indian bride who is a virgin. Probably, NATH is a sign that the bride is a virgin. Specifically, every single ornament worn by the bride has some reason and hence let us explore them.

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1. The significance of earrings in a bride’s new life?

An ancient Indian and western belief states that evil spirits can enter the body of the women through openings. And hence every woman has to protect their opening with an ornament. The earrings can also provide some acupuncture and can also help the bride by protecting her from deadly evil spirits.

2. The reason behind the exchange of rings

People who like to think out of the common way would have surely thought once that why people exchange rings on engagement as they can wear their own. From ancient days it is believed that a vein from the third finger of the left-hand travels to the heart and hence by wearing the ring on the third finger of the left side can directly establish the bond to heart between two couples.

3. Why Indian brides wear anklets at their wedding?

The tinkling sound of the anklet is the alarm for the house, which is welcoming the new bride. The ankle can also be considered as the announcement like a new bride is arriving soon.

Indian marriage conceptions are way beyond human thinking capacity as there are so many religions in India which can confuse people researching it.

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