10 Must-Haves For Every Big Fat Indian Wedding In Town!

No wedding seems to be complete these days without the following ten elements as part of its agenda!

Pre-wedding Photography

This has become a regular rite of passage for every engaged couple out there. Who doesn’t want to see pictures practically glowing with the flush of new love and the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming wedding? Who knew hanging out in an exotic location for an entire day with your betrothed and having candid photographers record your every interaction on camera is the popular idea of fun, chaperoned date.

Bachelorette Party

Getting the men-folk out of the way and having a girl’s night out with your BFFs and all the female members of your extended family can be a lot of fun. Let the girl enjoy the last hurrah before twining her life forever with her beau. Mani-pedi sessions, dancing, partying and general goofing around are not just permitted but mandatory!

Save The Date

No need to wait around till the last month to distribute the wedding invitations. Brides and grooms are using advanced Save The Date announcement way ahead of time who is going to be attending or can help with the prep. This trend makes a lot of sense with so many destination weddings happening of late.

Bridal Lehenga

So much planning and thinking go into the process of choosing the perfect lehenga to wear on the most precious day of the bride’s life. Light-weight pastel shaded lehengas seem to be the hottest rage these days.

Mehendi Designs

The old Mehendi philosophy of covering hands and feet entirely with intricate designs and patterns is slowly giving way to a more modern approach. Minimalistic designs and negative space are only enhancing the look of the new bride!

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Though still rooted in tradition, wedding jewellery is sporting a lot of trendy elements these days. It makes using these jewellery pieces beyond the wedding day possible too. How many women hoard their wedding jewellery without using them because they are just too grand for every other occasion? Thus, making them trendier makes a lot of sense!


Hairstylists and makeup artists are in high demand at every wedding. Not those old timers fond of caking on inches of foundation on a hapless bride’s face or piling on hideous hair extensions on top of her head. Brides prefer more elegant and natural looks these days.

Bridal Entry

Making that grand entrance and bewitching the entire wedding congregation seems to be the aim. Relatives holding up elaborate floral chaadhars, tagging the family pet along or even riding in on a scooter add the right amount of drama to the proceedings!

Destination Weddings

A growing trend, albeit an expensive one, this one has been making a lot of waves in recent times. Booking an exotic location, flying out all your near and dear including the purohit and have a lovely family vacation in the process, promise to be all sorts of fun indeed!


When everything in life comes with a hashtag these days, why should weddings be an exception? Brides and grooms hashtag the heck out of their wedding from invites to quirky decor elements to celebrate their wedding.


No more boring, built-in mandaps that come with marriage halls. Mandap decoration has become a thing unto itself these days, with elaborate floral decorations and formations. Curtains and lights join the fun in adding elegance to the entire setup.

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