Top Wedding Trend Predictions For 2019!

2018 is done and dusted with. So, what is on the wedding cards in 2019? Last year saw a whole bevy of high-profile, celebrity weddings that caught the imagination of the general public in a big way. Sure enough, many trends from those weddings have become quite the rage in the industry now. Brides and grooms all over the country want the same for their weddings too. Here is a look at some of the most popular trends of 2018 that we are sure will continue to rule the roost in 2019 also.

#Dramatic Entry

Who doesn’t want to make a grand entrance and what better excuse to make a production of it than your own wedding? So bring out the most grandiose Phoolon Ka Chaadars, gather around the biggest entourages or even round up a quirky two-wheeler or two. These brides and grooms want a spectacle for their wedding!


Ever since Priyanka Chopra swept the whole of the Udaipur Fort with her humongous train, it has become such a hot trend in wedding circuits. Every bride wants one now. And not just with gowns too. Sarees and lehengas are also sporting long trains these days. You might just want to make sure there are enough attendants to manage the train for you without snagging.

#Wedding Cakes

What once used to be part of Christian weddings is now found in every other marriage reception in town. Multi-tiered cakes with delicate frosting and spun sugar confections are the way to go. Not to mention the popularity of floral details and customized motifs that match the personalities of the bride and groom.

# Couple Cuteness Overload!

Newlyweds want to do everything together this year. From wearing matching or complementing outfits to posting the same photos at the same time on both their Insta accounts, they want to show the world that they are two parts of a whole. No one is complaining though, judging by the Aaws.. and So Cutes!! in the comments from their near and dear.

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#Customised Mangalsutras

Why leave out this symbol of marriage too in our need to customize everything? Interesting stones and symbols are weaving their way into these traditional strands, and making them a lot cooler and trendier for the current generation. Some even take a braver step of incorporating it into some other piece of jewellery such as a ring or a bracelet. But hey, whatever works for the couple should just be fine for everyone else.

# Mehendi For Boys

Why should girls have all the fun? Watch modern grooms patiently submitting themselves to Mehendi artists and proudly flaunting the names of their better halves hennaed into their palms. Quite adorable, we should say!

# Old Is Back

However trendy and modern brides and grooms may become, they still love and embrace the rituals and pageantry that go into a typical Indian wedding. Fashion trends are firmly embedded in tradition too. Use of heritage fabrics, designs and motifs are still as popular as ever. Top notch wedding designers are promoting indigenous weaving and embroidery techniques like never before.
You should watch out for these popular trends and see what evolution they would go through this year!

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