4 Wedding Trends That A Bride And Groom Can’t Just Do Without!

Looking for some fascinating trends to include on your wedding day? Your search ends here. We have the top four wedding styles that have been generating hype this year and we believe will continue to do so.

• Ditch the boring bridal entry.
For years, brides have walked down the aisle to the mandap accompanied by her family and friends. It is a solemn walk with all eyes on the bride. Today, the modern bride is opting for more funky and enjoyable ways. The trend is to ditch the bridesmaids and pick a unique entry. While some girls are going for the very traditional technique of sitting in an antique palki, others are embracing modernity.

The latter group of brides enters the mandap on bikes, cars driven by themselves or just dancing down the aisle with her closest siblings and friends. The choice is yours, go as wild as you want when it comes to crossing the aisle or as sedate as you wish.

• Choosing an intimate destination ceremony.
For Indians, a wedding is a mingling of every person they know which requires a grand celebration taking place in a wedding hall. This was the conventional practice. The couples of today and their families have become savvier. They know that a small, intimate wedding would be more fun and delightful.

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To this end, people are choosing a destination ceremony. Moreover, a destination allows you to get more creative with the choice of venue. Instead of a plain old wedding hall, one can set up a mandap on the beach or to a gorgeous backdrop of snow-peaked mountains. Stunningly beautiful natural décor and a manageable wedding party, these are two advantages of a destination wedding celebration.

• Lehengas in different colours.
Initially, the attire of the bride uses to be a saree. That too a saree in specific colours such as red, orange or yellow. The bride of today is choosing to select an entirely different wedding attire. More and more women are wearing lehengas to the ceremony. Over and above lehengas that come in a variety of shades. White with touches of golden, pastel pinks and yellow, hues of blues and purples, the dress is no more limited to bright tones like red and orange.

• Social media trends are a crucial element.
The present generation doesn’t take a step without announcing it on social media platforms. Weddings are no different from them. The one trend that is ruling weddings in India right now is hashtags. Every post, every guest makes during the wedding is accompanied by the hashtag. It is not only a unique way to ensure all family and friends can see the photographs but also to create buzz around the celebration.

Some couples start a wedding hashtag months before the actual event to generate even more hype. The really tech-savvy brides and groom also opt for a web page for the wedding that has all the information on it!

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