A Purple Wedding Theme For The Chic Bride And Groom

There are a plethora of ways to decorate the venue of a wedding. Every year the styles, trends, and designs change. While some couples like to stick to the tried and tested methods, others aim to be mavericks. But no matter the preference, the end goal of every bride and groom is still the same – they want the place to look beyond stunning and utterly memorable. In this short piece, we pick one specific theme and explain how it can be used for couples-to-be for their wedding day.

In the year 2019, the ‘in’ colour is purple. While there was a time not long ago when blush shades, pale hues or bright gem colours like maroon and orange were the go-to tones for a wedding, now it is no more so. For the chicest décor and a sophisticated look people are choosing the colour purple along with its many shades.

If you are wondering why the switch to such a royal colour, then the answer lies in your question. Purple has always been associated with the regal and opulent and which bride doesn’t want to feel like a queen on her D-day? Some of the reasons purple is an excellent selection for your wedding are:

• It is a versatile tone that can blend with any other shade or highlight another hue.
• It looks vibrant when juxtaposed with tints like yellow, gold and green.
• It creates a unique serenity when mixed with pink, silver, and turquoise.
• It has a massive shade card that includes lovely colours such as lilac, plum, violet, lavender, and many others. It means you have endless options to choose from.

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Now that you know that purple can truly open up doors of opportunity for wedding décor, the next step is to get ideas. One of the easiest ways to incorporate the colour in your Indian wedding decoration is to use purple flowers.

• Pick table centrepieces that utilise purple blooms or ones that have a similar shade.
• To decorate the mandap hang vines of purple orchids.
• The backdrop of the stage where the bride and groom sit can be a blend of purple tints.
• The aisle on which the bride walks under can be strewn with petals of purple shaded flowers.
• If you want just a hint of purple, then make the wedding garlands out of blooms in this colour.

Some flowers that can be employed for a purple themed wedding are freesia, carnations, orchids, lavenders, and liatris.

Flowers are not the only method to include a purple motif to a wedding. Drapes and canopies made of fabric shaded with purple and its related colours are a quick way too. If you pick this option, then go for:

• Dark purple and white fabrics.
• Metallic rustic props in the shade.
• Icy cool blue blended with highlights of deep purple and pure white.
• Lavender hanging, if you wish for a very subtle look.
• Deep plum purple with light champagne gold.
• Pale lilac alternating with royal purple.

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