2 Career Paths For Fashion Enthusiasts In India


Your days are spent staying up to date with the latest trends in fashion, nationally and internationally. You have the knack to know which attire will suit a person and which not. You have the passion, creativity, and innovation to make outstanding clothes. If these sentences describe you to the T, then a profession in the field of fashion may be the right thing for you. Here are two paths that you can walk on to build a successful career in the sector.

• Textile Designer

The different types of fabrics and cloths utilised to create attires are called textiles. The material can be printed, woven or knitted. Some examples of them are:

o tie-and-dye
o wool
o phulkari
o khadi

A textile designer is a person who creates patterns and motifs on these fabrics. They do so by using procedures such as:

o yarn making
o weaving
o knitting
o dyeing
o finishing processes

Also called apparel designers, they are experts at the technical end of the fashion industry. For them, knowing the properties of fibres, yarns, and dyes is day-to-day work. They are even masters at the production of fabrics.

• Fashion Designers

It is one career option that every man and woman will be aware of because it gets the most publicity. Remember, a fashion designer is entirely different from a textile designer. While a fashion designer will use cloth and fabric to create outfits, the textile designer will be the one to get that cloth made. The work of a fashion designer is to create gorgeous garments for a client including its accessories.

Some examples of the top designers in India are:

o Ritu Kumar
o Manish Malhotra
o Sabyasachi
o Masaba Gupta
o Anita Dongre

It is the work of these incredibly talented people which motivates others to step on to the field. A good fashion designer will have the following qualities:

o Creative talent
o Artistic ability
o Flair for design
o Ability to keep up with trends
o Awareness of market conditions

It is the blend of these 5 characteristics that make a flourishing fashion designer and one that is much sought out.

A few colleges and institutes that offer courses to students opting to be a fashion or textile designer are National Institute of Design and National Institute of Fashion Technology. Both NID and NIFT are highly acclaimed academies in the field.

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