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We feel something is missing in today’s trend. Our eyes long for something which does not exist anymore. We secretly carve for the old trends to make a statement now. Luckily, your secret wish has been granted by the fashion Santa.

This year we will be witnessing some of the trendiest trends of the ’60s, ’70s and of course the elegant ’80s. We are ready to flow with the crocheted tops, extra-large collars, and the best polka dot attires.

Let’s time travel back to check out more trends.

The ’60s is all about floral, straw bags and Crochet

Psychedelic Florals is a classic, cool and dominates feminine. It is back with a remix of vibrant bright colors and presents a more abstract and groovy look.

Straw bags were once limited to beaches and picnics, not anymore now. You can style them anywhere with just jeans and sunglasses.

Crochet designs sure ruled the greater part of the ’60s. They now come in beautiful colors and attractive designs. Wear it over your t-shirt or just as a coat, it sure will make you stand out from the crowd.

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70’s rules the flares and silhouettes

Take out your knee-length skirt buttoned-down and pair it up with high boots and T-shirt, voila, you are ready for the fashion party. These knee-length skirts are gaining popularity especially the denim skirt. It is perfect for all parties and occasions.

Skinny shirts are trending too, but with a twist of contrasting details around the collar. The colors matched must, of course, be pointy and loud.

The retro bags are yet again creating a style statement with suede, geometric cutouts, stripes with woven options. It gives a classic style to anyone who carries it.

Oversized and Flashy clothes? It’s the 80’s

Polka dots were once limited to specific colors. It is now experimented with different colors to balance your style. Polka dots can be mismatched with zebra or stripe prints to present a bold and daring look.

Gone are the days of perfect fitting. Take up your parent’s favorite cloth and pair them up with shorts and sneakers. You just have created your latest trendy look. Oversized and loose clothes are very much in vogue now and they are seen as sexy and cool with the youths today.

Miniskirts are also back but with sports shoes. This is the best wear for your summer parties while adoring it up with long overtop. Make sure to match your bag with your sneakers.

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