Top Facts To Know About The Bengali Wedding Rituals

Why is Bengali wedding filled with a lot of happiness and joy?

Indeed not only Bengali but all the religions in the Indian country have different ways of celebrating and all of them are engaging to watch. Either they celebrate weddings or a common man wedding makes sure they enjoy a lot when souls tie their knots with one another.

A Bengali wedding is a collection of customs and traditions which can be a great hoot to watch. Bengali weddings do not incorporate a lot of funds but still they are a combination of luxurious carnivals. Let us take a look at the detailed scenario on the complete rituals guide which occurs during a Bengali wedding.

The complete guide to the pre-wedding preparations of the Bengali wedding

1. Adana Pradhan
During the ancient Bengali weddings, the elders from the sides of the groom and bride met a few months before the marriage to check for the matching of the horoscopes of the bride and groom. Both the sides also exchanged gifts during the time.

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2. Aashirvad
We can call it like an engagement ceremony which is performed either a day before the wedding or on the day of the wedding. The bride and groom exchange gold ornaments which are considered as a share of love.

3. Aai Budo Bhaat
It is sort of a bachelor party as the families of both the sides offer the bride and groom the traditional cuisine with lots of sweets and savouries. Today the Bengali wedding’s Aai Budo Bhaat also includes sangeet and mehndi as new traditions.

4. Dodhi Mangal or the last meal before the marriage

The Dodhi Mangal ceremony is performed during the day of the wedding when the elders of both the sides offer sweets and delicious Bengali meals to the bride and groom as they are supposed to fast till the marriage rituals end.

5. Gaye Holud or the Haldi ceremony
The close family members of the bride and groom apply the turmeric paste on the body of the bride and the groom. The paste is first applied to the groom’s body, and the same paste is later applied to the bride’s body. Once the turmeric paste is dried both the bride and groom are given a water bath.

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