Decorative and Impressive Bridal Hair Accessories For Indian Bride

Brides wish to decorate themselves with unique attires and attractive accessories. Bridal hair care must be followed a few months before the wedding. Choosing the right hairstyles makes the bride look attractive and gorgeous on their wedding. They use some decorative hair accessories along with their hairstyle to enhance its beauty. There are plenty of hair accessories used by the modern Indian bride. Some go with traditional hairstyles with flower decorations and others prefer decorative hair accessories. The following are some of the bridal hair accessories loved by Indian brides.

Traditional Jewel Type Hair Accessories

There are various types of jewel type hair accessories that offer a traditional touch to your hairstyle. It gives an overall grandeur look to the bride on their big day. Some of the traditional hair accessories are listed below.

Raakodi-Hair Rings: South Indian brides mostly prefer the use of Raakodi on their hairdo during their wedding functions. It offers a perfect traditional look to the bride. The hair rings look stunning with the precious and semi-precious stones. Hair rings can be used for decorating braids and buns.

Bun Chains: Bun type bridal hairstyles are a trendy and modern type of hairstyle preferred by Indian brides. The bun hairstyles can look gorgeous and attractive by decorating with various types of bun chains. Bun chains offer a traditional twist to the trendy and simple bun hairstyle.

Head Piece: This is a unique piece of hairstyle accessory. Headpiece made with pearls offers an extraordinary look to the bride on their wedding day.

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Trendy And Stylish Hair Accessories

Hair clips are common and stylish hair accessories used by the modern Indian bride. Beautiful and decorative hair clips can be used for open type hairstyles of the bride. Hair clips add to the glamour of the trendy bridal hairstyles. It would be a perfect hairstyling accessory for brides on their wedding reception and other ceremonies. Brides can choose customized hair accessories based on their wedding attire.

Floral Hair Accessories

Natural and artificial flowers can be used to add a special twist to the simple bridal hairstyles. Floral Tiara type hair accessories would be a perfect choice for the hairdo for Mehendi or engagement ceremony.

The above are some of the unique and decorative hair accessories That can be used by brides to make themselves look gorgeous and attractive on their special day.

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