2020 Wedding Trends To Watch Out

Looking for something fresh and new? We know how tiring it is to witness the repeated ceremonies, traditions, décor and everything alike. So, if you are two among those new souls looking for something entirely different and happening, then check out below.

  • Green Vibes – Sustainable Weddings

Gone are the wasted days because now is the upcycling trend. More and more people are becoming aware of the problems related to the environment and so they want to do their part too. The new couples today are much more concerned about their environment and looking at creative ways to reduce waste. These trends include family stone resetting, bequest engagement ring, adapting ceremony florals, opting for local vendors and food and more.

  • Micro Weddings-Small Gathering

This is the latest trend that is being trended for quite some time. Micro Wedding includes invitation only to a limited number of people. It may be around 40 people to less. These people are very special ones of the couple for they hold a very near and dear place in their life. This does not mean that the budget is quite low at this wedding because the budget of each person is high. They are treated with elaborate meals, gifts and everything that comes at the wedding.

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  • Inclusive Menu- Best Part of the Wedding

Planning a wedding is not very easy as every minute thing must be taken into consideration. They must make sure that their guest is doing absolutely fine and are happy being present there. Many times couples just order a huge amount of food which at the end gets wasted because their guest had few problems like allergy and more. So to stop the wastage issue, couples are planning the menu according to their guest. For instance, if someone is an allergy to nuts, they have got it covered with other alternatives. This way, the food is not wasted and the guest also is content and happy.

  • Barrettes and Combs

Veils sure play a very important role but why not replace it with tiaras. It is the best accessory to adorn your hair and also looks classical. They also play a great role in holding your natural curls back or create a new style statement among your friends.

  • Its lightingly lit

The different occasion demands different lighting. Light affects our moods deeply and so, we must ensure to make use of this great opportunity. Change your lighting feeling from dinner to dance with disco lighting and candlelight lighting to present a romantic evening. Just play with different types of lights and make your day extra sparkly.

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