Things You Will Witness At Every Wedding


Wedding gowns have taken a backseat for sure, as at present, brides are ditching it for pantsuits. This may sure be not new to you as with time, everything changes. And so are the age-old wedding traditions. Today’s couples prefer to live in today’s time by embracing what really matters to them. Today, the wedding is not about others beliefs, rules, traditions, and expectations but it is all about the lovers’ values and personalities.

Being witnessed many weddings recently, I have come up with a few of the common things that are seen in almost every wedding. Check out below.

  • Bridal Pantsuits-Latest Trend

The bridal pantsuit is the new trend, trending around the world. Gone are the Cinderella days, for now, it’s time for the brides to show who they really are. Today, brides prefer to look bold and confident rather than looking naïve. The beauty lies in the eyes of the viewer and so the brides prefer to wear what makes them really comfortable.

One bride quoted, no matter what we wear, we sure are surrounded by critics, let it be gown or pantsuit. Very well said and it sure is one hundred percent true.

  • 70’s Inspired Gathering

This theme sure took me surprise. There were many weddings that followed the retro theme of the ’70s. Right from the cards to the disco décor, it was like a time journey. It is also reported that the sale of the retro item hiked to 18% just in 6 months. Guess, it’s the retro remix now.

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  • Nontraditional Wedding Parties

When today’s couples have decided to throw away the wedding tradition out the window, why on earth will they follow the boring traditional parties. The parties are all about fun and enjoyment and they sure will have it, no matter what. The couples are throwing the party for their friends, so they prefer to do what likes and matters them the most rather than what others like. It’s all about friends now.

  • Vintage Rings

Since the couples decided to keep away from the traditions, it doesn’t mean they will follow nothing. They have chosen the vintage ring and it is for good reason too. They are trendy, stylish and the best part, sustainable.

  • Wellness-themed Favors

People are health conscious today and so the couples prefer to gift them what they like the most. There has been an increase in the sale of health-related things making their guest happy and contented.

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