A Costly Treat For A Big Fat Wedding

Dreams Come True Weddings

Indian weddings involve planning that brims with elaborate details. Missing a single detail may affect the entire structure of the wedding plan and fail to bring the much-desired output. Fifty years ago, weddings were always a family affair that involved the participation of the near and dear. But, at present, things are not like that. The big fat Indian wedding of the present-day requires so many hands to take care of. Wedding planners will start to get involved in your wedding preparation once the family of the bride and the bridegroom decides to conduct the marriage. No doubt, Indian weddings have become transparent, and everyone wants to know what difference a big fat Indian wedding is going to bring in the lives of affluent families. An Indian wedding that happened at the Palais de Versailles spent a whopping Two hundred and forty crore along with the dance performance of leading Bollywood stars.

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Wedding Planners And Weddings

While there are so many types of weddings conducted as per the tradition or culture, a big fat Indian wedding promptly steals the show. An extravagant wedding planned by a wedding planner will not skip any religious rituals to be followed. But, they take care to project the wedding as an important one in the eyes of society. Every bride and bride groom wants their wedding to be something unique. It is their sincere wish to have a never before version of the Indian wedding. A big fat wedding starts with a pre-wedding shoot, bachelor trip, theme wedding, and finding out the exclusively different honeymoon destination.

Feeling Good At All Levels

Right from the days of our grandfathers and ancestors, Indian weddings are never considered as an unnecessary expense. They gave utmost importance to weddings in their families because those weddings showed their extravagant wealth and their essential role in the local community. Even if you are made to spend the maximum amount that you have saved all through your life, Indians never regret to conduct a luxurious, grand wedding. With the surging money power, the affluent Indian families want to have news about their big fat Indian wedding on the first page of a newspaper. Even if you brag about your fat wedding in your twitter and Instagram accounts, seeing it as a headline in the local newspaper is ultimately a different thing to wish for.

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