A Look At Women’s Fashion In India

Coco Chanel, the very pinnacle of fashion, once said:
“Dress shabbily, and they remember the dress; dress impeccably, and they remember the woman.”

This quote has been repeated ad nauseam in myriads of ways because it defines to the T the very essence of fashion. It is about elegance, style, and perfection that leaves an indelible mark. Today, we take a look at how fashion has made a mark on the female population of India.

Like most countries, women’s clothing in India reflected the social perspective or the political scenario for a long time. When you look back at about half a century or more ago, attires of women were a mirror of their position. They were not a reflection of popular practice. But unlike other nations, women’s fashion did not change drastically in our country. While the western world was quick to modify apparels to showcase their comfort, belief or freedom, for Indian women the transformation crept at a snail’s pace.

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Since explaining the slow movement of classic drapes to more modern outfits is virtually impossible without writing a thesis, we take a look at the point of time where a dynamic shift occurred. It was with the turn of the millennium that the way women dressed altered. The first changes were felt in the film industry. Actresses and celebs began opting for bolder choices. They wore clothes that felt comfortable to them while still being sensual.

Another significant change came with the rise of the internet and smart devices. As even the average girl of the country could keep up with the fashion trends of the rest of the planet, they began emulating them. They became aware of the choices that could be made. As a result, their fashion sense grew to be personal, bold and unique. Yes, some of them still opt for salwar kameez and sarees but an equal number are more comfortable wearing western designs.

When you walk down the streets of a metropolis in India, you will see females clad in jeans, skirts, jumpsuits, bodycon dresses, formal pantsuits and even fusion wear. It is the latter that has become the most fashionable. A modern cut dress made of tie and dye or bandhani is considered the chicest and coolest outfit possible.
In a gist, a woman’s wardrobe is no more limited to traditional dresses; it is filled with designer wear, streetwear and so much more.

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