Be In Your Best In These Sangeet Outfits.

With a plethora of dress varieties in the Indian wedding scene, being in appropriate sangeet outfits that suit the occasion without crossing any invisible lines is a challenge in itself. An Indian-Western theme, or even traditional Indian wears could make you stand tall. Bright and Colourful, from Lehengas to Salwar Kameez for women, and Kurta Jodhpuri to Kurta Pajama for men are some of the best choices to be in. Read on to learn more examples to work with regarding dress code for sangeet.

What to expect on a Sangeet night

Sangeet nights are usually hosted by the bride’s family and it is often best to check with the couple on the theme and decide the dress accordingly. Often Bollywood movies give a hint of what to wear for different themes! Since the night is all about music and dance, it would be best to have sangeet outfits that do not hurt while throwing yourself around the beats! Do take note that the dress code should be chosen while keeping the weather in mind as well, it should be the most comfortable thing to be in while doing the stuff that you love!

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Sangeet night dress choices

Men could choose sangeet outfits from very colourful and bright sets of jodhpuris, sherwanis or even those blazer jackets. It would be best to be in light clothing that would help in mobility as well as dancing freely, without breaking a sweat. Helpful more, if you are on the scout to find a partner! Be well groomed, with enough shine on the skin as well as the hair to look spectacular. Dressing choices should be balanced between formal and traditional, that usually goes in the good books of onlookers. When it comes to embroidery, prints, patterns and designs, do take care not to overdo them!

Women have a variety of sangeet outfits to choose from and while doing so try not to shadow the bride as it is her day afterall. Go for something light and funky, bright colours is the key! Since the night is all about dancing, it would be best to wear something light, comfortable and not too long as it shouldn’t get in your way while grooving to the beats. From elegant salwar kameez, to printed Anarkalis, patterned Angrakha kurta, appropriate western wear, fusion long dress, to designerwear, the list is plenty with a lot of room to play mix ‘n match with all the factors in mind.

Ladies, Accessorize!

With plenty of accessories to go with the sangeet outfits, here are a few pointers to keep in mind while getting prepped. The hair shouldn’t be a burden to you (or others) while dancing, so to take care of that, try to work something like a bun or using a scrunchie to hold it all together. Shoes suggestion would be to go for juthis. Do adorn yourselves with flowers. Jewelry is vital to ensure the sparkles and clangs all around you. Minimal makeup should do the best and for last, a bindi on the forehead would complete a traditional you!

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