Sangeet Outfits To Celebrate The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding For The Beginners

Indian weddings are a celebration in itself that lasts for days with so many ceremonies fitted into it based on the culture and region the couples belong to. A sindhi wedding will not be the same as a Tamil brahmin wedding. So are the Christian and Muslim weddings. But there are common factors that bind together the celebration irrespective of the caste, creed or religion. There will be a pre wedding celebrations, the nuptials and post wedding celebrations.

The pre wedding celebrations are mostly called the Sangeet in North India. Sangeet is nothing but music. It simply means a musical night. A celebration that brings together both the families giving them a chance to bond with each other. It is a celebration of the new bond, music, dance, food and attire.

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The Best Dressed In A Sangeet Outfit

Sangeet is indeed a celebration of attire. We plan ahead for this day with utmost care. Some weddings have a theme. It could be a colour or a concept. The traditional Indian wear are mostly chosen as sangeet outfits. It is not an easy choice. Indian traditional outfits range from saree to lehengas, kurta, dhothi pants and more. In today’s growing fashion sense, most of the sangeet and wedding outfits come with a designer label to make it look unique and stand out. It is a tough task to choose the right outfit for each festivity in a single wedding. That’s a lot of shopping to do.

The Perfect Sangeet Look For Men

When it comes to clothing, women have more choices than men. Even in designer labels, women outfits have loads of intricate work and choices. With a little bit of creativity, even men can come up with great outfits that can be unique, outstanding and stylish. Here are a few pointers that you can make note of when you plan your Sangeet outfits.

  • Ditch the regular pants for your kurta and try out jodhpuris or breeches. Match breeches with a kurta with mandarin collar or bandhgalas.
  • Experiment with drapes. It is not just for women, men can also drape dhotis and salwars. Fashion designers have given drapes for men a real twist that you can’t ignore.
  • A well designed Nehru jacket will team up well with kurta and pyjama.
  • Embroidery will add richness and finery to the attire. Try out a sherwani with an embroidered sleeve or a collar.

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