Cherishing Jain Wedding Rituals

Simple Rituals At Jain Wedding

We all know India is a country with unity in diversity. Umpteen numbers of religions exist here. Every religion has its sect of traditions and beliefs that make it stand out from the other. Just like the Hindu wedding rituals, Jain wedding rituals are also elaborate, and they are followed in detail by the Jain community. With their simplicity, the Jain community maintains very strong ties within the family, and they always prefer to celebrate a marriage in their family with their family members and close friends. The Jain community follows elaborate rituals before and after the wedding.

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Rituals Before Jain Wedding

Jain wedding rituals are simple, traditional, and colorful. The Jain wedding brings happiness and enjoyment in their wedding celebration by making it traditional and colorful. They don’t want to miss even a single procedure while conducting wedding rituals. Before marriage, a religious pooja is performed at the bride’s home, in which both families participate. The priest at the pooja selects the auspicious date for conducting the marriage.

As the next procedure in the wedding ritual, the bridegroom conducts a pooja at his home, and after that, the priest reads out the details sent by the bride’s family which shares the information about the date and time of the marriage. Next, the male members from the bride’s family will visit the bridegroom’s home. The bride’s brother will apply a tikka or a tilak on the forehead of the bridegroom. Then, he presents the bridegroom and his family members with luxurious gifts to celebrate the wedding with happiness. After this pooja, both the family go to the wedding venue for other Jain wedding rituals.

Rituals After Jain Wedding

The Jain community follows specific wedding rituals after the priest has conducted the marriage. The bride’s father will offer his daughter in the Kanyadaan ritual to the bridegroom. The bride and the bridegroom will go around the sacred fire during the phera, and the women in the family will sing the mangal geet along with the mahavir ashtakam stotra recitation. A married woman from the family will tie a knot with the bride’s saree and the bridegroom’s shawl. They’ll complete together the seven sacred pheras and will become the husband and wife. After this, they both exchange garlands made of colorful and beautiful flowers. After completing the Jain wedding rituals, the bride and the bridegroom will reach the bridegroom’s house. The family members of the bridegroom will welcome both as the newly married couple.

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