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Imagining Fashion 20 Years Down The Line

Let’s say it is the year 2040. You are walking to your local café for a cup of organic latte when your eye catches upon a dress. You click an image using a device on your eyes and upload it to your 3D printer. By the time you return home from the café, the dress is ready to be worn in your exact size specifications. This scenario might be too outrageous to think right now, but it is very much possible.

The future of the fashion industry is going to change drastically in the coming decade. Every expert in the field says so. In the coming years, 3D printed clothes will become the norm; fashion shows will be holographic and merchandising will be done via virtual reality. While the exact picture we painted is yet to be achieved, some inroads have already been made. Let’s take a look at two innovations that are happening right now.

• Sustainable fabric and thread are the ‘it’ thing of fashion. Material that is friendly to the environment and healthier for the body are being created left, right and centre. The young consumer is opting for brands and designers that are eco-conscious which has led to a spurt of fabrics like Pinatex. It is a material made out of the fibre found in pineapple. There are other experiments being done to create clothes out of coffee beans, apples, and tea.

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Ultimately, the aim is to generate polymer threads – fibres that are five times thinner than the hair of humans but with extreme tensile strength.

• Wearable fabrics are one more field that has seen tremendous innovation. At present, besides bracelets and watches that can track the health of the wearer, there are some materials that can record the heartbeat of a person. Though only at the prototype stage, wearable garments hope to become the new way of keeping track of the fitness of an individual.

The broader goal of such clothes is to have in-built sensors that can be utilised by companies to gather data. Another is to make the fabric respond to alterations in water, light, and temperature. Lastly, to build threads that can modify the colour and design by the press of a button.

We might not be quite there yet, but the hope is bright. Every year we are getting that much closer to the target.

Staying Trendy And Stylish


The fashion industry is constantly evolving with new trends coming out every week. If you are interested in looking smart and fashionable, you can add a few staple items to your wardrobe and give yourself a makeover. With the right guidance, any woman can look chic and glamorous without spending a bucket load of money. Here are a few tips from the top women clothing experts in the industry on how to style stylish:

  •    Say Goodbye To Your Old Things.

Before you get ready to give yourself a new look, it is time to get rid of the clothes in your closet that you have no plans of wearing any time soon. The best way to handle this is by looking at your wardrobe as a store and pick out the clothes you like and keep them. The rest you can donate to a charity or try selling them online. This also clears up a lot of space in your wardrobe and helps you create a clearer picture of how you want your new look to be like.

  •    Always Shop With  A Plan

If you are looking for clothes for a particular event or function, formulate a place before going to the mall.  Some experts advise going shopping with makeup on proper hairstyle and shoes so that you can actually see the whole look come together. Don’t forget to pay attention to your panty line well.

  •    Cashmere For Life

Although cashmere products are expensive, they can last for a long time if you look after it carefully. However, you need to be careful while purchasing cashmere to make sure you are buying a high quality product. A quality cashmere item needs to be washed by hand in cold water to retain its shape and elasticity.

  •    New Shoes

Calluses are the bane of new shoes. If you are prone to getting calluses while wearing new shoes, there is a new solution in town. All you need to to is fill two freezer bags with water and seal them tightly. Place them inside your shoes and let them stay in your freezer overnight. When you take your shoes out the next day, you will notice a considerable difference and not have to suffer through any more calluses.

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  •    Elegant Jacket

An elegant jacket is a must have in any wardrobe to turn any outfit into a sleek look. Remember to purchase a jacket that fits your shoulders perfectly to get the right fit. Although it might take a few trials and a few shops to get the right jacket, experts suggest being patient, since the perfect jacket is the holy grail in the fashion world.

  •    Skin Show

An important rule while showing skin is that you need to skin to one body part at a time like an off shoulder or a bit of cleavage or a mini skirt. If you combine all of these elements together at once, you will end up feeling too naked.

  •    Keep Your Bedroom Clean

A clean bedroom is the number one step in having a clean slate to getting a look right. It helps you think clearer and also helps your brain to wind down slowly at night time and get better sleep. Sleep is extremely crucial to make you feel well relaxed and look good the next day as well.

  •    Well Fitted Jeans

A comfortable and well fitted pair of jeans is a must have item in every women’s wardrobe. You can pair it with casual tops for an outing with friends or pair it with t shirts as well. When purchasing jeans, it is always a good idea to get them in a smaller size since they tend to stretch out after one or two washes. If you need to get your jeans altered, remember to wash them twice before giving them to the tailor. This way you will get a more tailored fit.

  •    Fashion Accessories

Accessories have the magical power of turning a simple outfit into a glamorous look in no time. A rule of the thumb to follow while accessorizing is that you need to remove one accessory after you are done getting ready. This apparently helps you avoid the commonly seen fashion disaster of wearing too many accessories. After all, less is the new trend at the moment.