Top 2020 Wedding Trends

2020 is already witnessing many new trends and ditching out all the age-old traditions and beliefs. Today couples are making statements by standing out different and unique. Just like their love, they want the wedding day also to be special and unique. So, to help all the unique and lovely couples, this article has come up with the trendiest trend that has already started ruling the year. Take a peek below.

  • Edible Florals- Best Creative Option

They are sprinkled on the deserts, rules the salad and frozen in cubes, these edible florals make the perfect treat for the eye and the taste bud. They immediately enhance the look and make it look elegant and beautiful. Throw some edible flowers in your menu and be ready for the loaded compliments.

  • Table Remix- Latest Trend

Move away from the age-old table arrangements. When you are ditching so many oldies, why stick to the regular tables. Be innovative and try out the artistic table arrangements. Get together many tables and decorate it to model a design like the winding arrangement, heart-shaped and many more.

  • Self-Serve Refreshments

Be creative and model your wall for a dispenser and your guests will only be happy to be served by themselves. Consult with your decorator and check out many innovative ideas. This place will surely be an attractive place at your wedding.

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  • Statement Décor for your Wedding

Instead of spending a huge sum for the whole venue, why not give a statement décor to your place. Make your venue simple and elegant and your place an attractive one that stands out from the rest. How about hanging lights or flowers in your place or fireworks after you are legally bonded or anything of your wish. Just make your place special for you are a special person at your wedding.

  • Dress Code – Impressed

Black is finally being ditched for royal blue. Teal, navy hued jackets are already ruling for suits and tuxedos. Accessories are suited according to the couple’s attire.

  • End Your Day with A Good Cause

You had your fun night and everything went as planned. At the end of the day, seal it off with a good note and request your guest for donations. Instead of gifts, they can donate it to those who need it the most. Make sure to keep it in the exits so your guests do not forget to donate.

  • Innovative Menu

Try out something new on your menu too. This will be remembered for many years by your guests. Let your signature dish be unique and different like the pastrami rolls of egg, Mexican ravioli and more.

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