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Current trends and styles in south Indian weddings

With every passing generation, attitudes differ and styles grow. Some of the interesting elements from several traditions are incorporated into the present one. North Indian weddings are mostly explained as luxurious partying of love and South Indian weddings mostly involve breathtaking ceremonial rituals.

In recent years, South Indian wedding parties are experiencing an important face-lift. It is organized by combining various best practices from several parts of India. If you are searching for the latest wedding trends, you should be aware of the changing wedding scenario. It is completely your choice to select or avoid and it mostly depends upon your budget and taste.

Influx of the Mehendi, Sangeet,andBaraat ceremonies

If your parents are typical South Indians, then you should have heard about these events through your Punjabi friends or seen in Bollywood movies. Now, everything has changed. The majority of the weddings in recent years have added these ceremonies into the customary itinerary. These ceremonies are completely added for fun and happy moments.

Theming things up

In recent years, the entire wedding decoration and ceremony takes place according to a theme. It is mostly in the form of color. It began as a trial attempt but became a success. Now, more and more couples are setting up a color theme and ensure to do the entire decorations and arrangements accordingly. The props play an important part in themed weddings. It varies from Harry Potter themes to Royal themes. It is completely up to your decision to select and organize the theme. There are several wedding decorators and planners who are waiting to release their creativity. You can also get their assistance when you wanted to make it a grand affair. The photo booth is a mandatory thing for the wedding season.

The grooms are dressed in Sherwanis and Suits

Gone are the days where south Indian grooms dress in a simple and plain manner. The plain white dhoti style is completely gone. The recent trend is grooms dressed in suits and sherwanis. The sherwani look remains pleasing and the suits portray a completely different story. If you are planning to wear something different, ensure it goes well with the dressings of your bridge. In some cases, it may look that you like you are from different planets. It is necessary to discuss and dress appropriately. If you are still confused, you can consult a wedding designer and ask for suggestions.

Top Indian Wedding Trends For Brides In India

A Beautiful Bride Arrives for her Wedding with a Gorgeous Excitement on her face

Weddings used to be about traditions and culture. The celebrations are now about fun and looking the best. It is why every year brides, grooms, and their families do a lot of legwork finding out the latest Indian wedding trends. From choosing Wedding hall in Chennai, the most preferred wedding venue being Chennai Convention Center to what type of mehendi design has become the rad, no stone is left unturned in the zest to have an unforgettable celebration.

And that is how it should be. You get married once, but the photos last a lifetime. So, why not make the most of it and get gorgeous memoirs? With that said, we plunge into 4 top trends for Indian brides to follow in 2019!

Image That Resembles A Bride Who Poses in Her Wedding Photoshoot infront of the mirror with a Beautiful Smile on her face• Photoshoot before the D-Day!

As we said, photos last forever and who says that you can only keep memoirs of the wedding day? Thanks to the influence of Western culture, brides and grooms of India are also opting for pre-wedding photoshoots. For couples in love, it is a unique way to show their journey. For couples stepping into an arranged marriage, it is the classic method to learn to get along with each other.

Plus, the shoot is fun! Most photographers take exceptional and out-of-the-box images that require a lot of creativity. It means in the middle of the hectic schedule of planning the wedding you get a relaxing break.

• Save-the-date is in!

Long, long back in India, before a wedding card was sent the bride’s family used to mail a handwritten letter that proclaimed the names of the couple-to-be and the date of the wedding. It was our version of save-the-date. The tradition fell out of practice somewhere down the line. But the Western culture of a short and sweet card that states the date and venue of the celebration came into existence. These one-leaf cards are ideal for guests to pre-plan their travel (especially if it’s a destination wedding) and apt for couples to show their innovative side.

• Mehendi is more art!

No Indian wedding is complete without mehendi. It is a vital part of the festivities. The trend that has emerged in the last few years is the design of this cooling paste. While earlier mehendi used to be dull and simple designs, now they are more artistic. The influence of Arabic cultures has evolved the way brides get their henna art done. There are legions of funky, chic and mind-blowing motifs to choose from for the bride of today.

• Floral jewellery is it!

For haldi and sangeet, brides are opting for either jewellery made of real flowers or faux floral accessories that look real. They have become hugely popular because they bring uniqueness, sophistication, and subtlety to the bride.