All About The Conservation And Competition In Indian Wedding Culture

The facts and statements conveying the expense of Indian wedding ceremonies

One of the common terms for the Indian wedding is enormous spectacles. The image framed about the Indian wedding expense is true as the Indian super-rich communities constitute a total of 1% towards the GDP or the Gross Domestic Product of the country. The segment is small as there is only a small group of super-rich people in the country which comes in second place when the concern is about the population. Therefore we can conclude all such facts to the big fat Indian weddings.

One of the renowned sociologists PATRICIA UBEROI writes that most of the super-rich marriages in the southern part of Indian are conspicuous consumption and conclude to apparent waste.

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The glamour and luxury offered during the Indian wedding ceremony

One of the main reasons for the high-expense at super-rich Indian weddings is that the elite communities love to cherish the ceremony in both the ways with western touches appearing here and there in their tradition.

We can prove this right with a simple example as the traditional Indian ceremonies completely rely one the DHOLAK or the drums which are played by the specialist while the dance functions compile the use of DJ’s and western music for fun and entertainment. The elite communities also love to cherish bachelor parties. High-ground tiered cakes along with western cuisines and cocktail parties.

The concepts like dowry still exist in the country but transformed into a new term called a gift. In an average elite wedding, a groom can expect gifts like a luxury car where the likes of a politician can also gift a helicopter. In contrast, the bride can expect jewellery and tons of clothes and chocolates from the other end.

How do Indian weddings create a phenomenon?

One can witness elite Indian weddings in a conservation and competitive environment where all the parents have to ensure that their offspring’s marriage is done most lavishly. The total funding for the marriage starts with the wedding invitation where the new traditions start with sweets and some silver coin gifts to invite the guest. People also spend on the wedding to provide delicious cuisines and other decoration expenses for the wedding which can never come to an end.

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