Bridal hair style to adorn short hair!

Gone are the dark days of expecting the “bahu” to have mandatory long hair. Times have changed for the good and so has the style. In lieu of this liberalism, brides-to-be are left with a new challenge, how to wear the hair on their special day. Thankfully, fashionistas and trendsetters have burnt the midnight oil to come up with some of the most desirable bridal hair style looks that we could be converted into!

Being in a cocoon of jewelry makeup and warm lights is not something to be imagined as “comfortable”, especially if you have locks of hair pulling you down between all these chaos! What if you were told that there is a way! Well, it’s time to go meet your hairstylist and ask for that short haircut that would make a special spectacle on your wedding day that is guaranteed to add all the more to your gorgeousness!

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To Begin With…

With minimal length hair to play around, a safest choice would be the Fluffy Curls bridal hair style. This could be done by leaving the fronts straight and pinned while the ends are left curled and loose. Adding a few accessories that hug on to the hair would spark the dazzle factor.

A Side Swept messy bun bridal hair style is the return of the retro sorts of hairdo, achieved by twisting the hair and ending it on a bun at the side. This is an elegant way of presenting yourself as the woman-of-the-day.

Ever since fifty shades of grey, front fringes have been “in the front” and so has short and bouncy hair on the back. This breathtaking combo of Bouncy Back with Front Fringes bridal hair style shall definitely leave gleam in the eyes of your onlookers!

Taking The Style Up A Notch

Taking the updo bridal hair style is the go-to solution for any and all sorts of short hair! This is the easiest one, just mess around with the hair up, add flowers, jewelry and let the magic unfurl! And if you have wavy locks to flaunt, a Low Side Updo bridal hair style is suggested. It would be with a chignon on any side that highlights your facial features.

Look Chic At Your Reception

If you have those simple layers that won’t interfere with you, a Simple Side Part bridal hair style would be the most elegant way to be present at the reception. Half Bun bridal hair style brought into fame by Deepika, is something so easy and elegant to wear on. With short and curly hair, don’t hide them anymore in this Let the Curls Down bridal hair style. Flaunt them in style and steal the floor!

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