Dazzle on your special day in these bridal hair styles

Humans have always proven to make things better than they found them at. Now that is just too mainstream! To stand apart in the crowd, one has to come up with something entirely unique and that is exactly what you shall do now. Wondering where to begin? Let’s take a look at a few starters to kick off. Get your thinking cap, your favourite comb and the mirror-mirror on the wall, ‘coz girl we are going for a makeover!

A Modern Touch To Traditional Hair Styles

An open curly long bridal hair style is the one to start off with. Step number one, let’s begin with spraying some hair hold over your curls. Use a curling iron over your straight hair and then go to step one. A maangtikka on the parting should add more spark to your beauty.

Next up is the long braid bridal hair style. It helps if you have long hair, else go for those extensions lying around the dressing table. Adorn the braid with some pearls or flowers weaving into them. Don’t leave the maangtikka with this traditional hairdo!

Another one for the long hair, or with extensions is the curly messy braid bridal hair style. Have the bangs wrap around your face by cutting a few curls. This traditional style too deserves the maangtikka treatment.

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Here And There, Mix And Match, Seal The Deal!

If going free and still looking cool is in your cards, try Coiled curled half up half down bridal hair style. The locks of your hair should freely float around the back with a bit of flowers or jewels here and there.

The time is right now to try out braids and so is this braided chignon with vintage curls bridal hair style. Have some vintage curls and a not-so-small flower to fit in perfectly! This retro style is sure to have eyes glued trying to figure out!

For the love of flowers and braids, do check The South Indian floral hairstyle bridal hair style. Not to miss a maangtikka on the parting! Having a blend of all the goodies in the above mentioned hairstyles should give a clear picture of how your hair must embellish you! But just to be sure, read this last part.

If All Else Fails, Here Is Your Plan “Z”

If after all the trials we underwent you are still confused, look no further, Messy buns bridal hair style is here to the rescue. Just leave the curls hanging loose, decorate the bun with some flowers and boom, all eyes on the bride!

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