Top Facts To Know About The Jain Wedding Rituals

Why are Indian wedding rituals so fascinating to watch?

All of us are familiar with the fact that Indian is a land of culture and love. Indians also don’t like to miss out any single point to celebrate their joy. What’s more ethnic and unique about India is in India, every single community has an unorthodox way of commemorating the functions joyfully. We also recommend all the people to visit a Jain marriage once to enjoy authentic Jain wedding rituals.

One thing we are sure about the Jain wedding visit is that marriages in India have a co-relation of couples being made in heaven. Reading all such positive vibes about the Jain wedding will surely make everyone’s heart delight to visit it once. People who cannot enjoy this pleasure live can feel the tradition with the power of words here. We made sure that we did not miss any of the crunchiest Jain wedding rituals.

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Pre-wedding rituals of a Jain wedding

When the marriage of two souls is finalized, the first step to start a promising process is KHOL BARANA. The family of the groom carries a silver plate decorated with coconut and some cash to celebrate while the bride’s family welcomes them with some gifts which are coined as TIKKA.

LAGHANA LEKHAN is a small function which is performed by the elders of both the families who sit along with a priest to finalize the date of the marriages.

Just like every traditional Hindu wedding, the engagement of SAGAI was the exchange of rings, and other valuable gifts take place as a grand celebration.

Wedding rituals of Jain marriage

Like another Hindu community wedding, the groom rides on the horse for the marriage. The groom has to take first the blessings of the almighty before he starts a new track of his life.

The bride’s moms and other old ladies from their side sing traditional folk songs for the wedding and welcome the groom along with TILAK.

Once all the wedding rituals come to an end, BIDAAI starts where all the people get quite emotional as the bride has to leave her home and start a new life along with new family members along with herds of challenges and extraordinary circumstances.

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